Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The teacher will appear....

when the student is ready...

Last week my wife and I were walking Rex, when at the end of our walk, we came across an old greenhouse, partially in disrepair. One side received new foil last autumn, but the rest..... needs a little extra work. We heard noise coming from the greenhouse, which probably meant that the owner was busy cutting and splitting wood. As we walked by I, for some reason, suggested we'd go over and meet the man, if only to introduce ourselves to him. He was not alone. One of the other villagers was with him and after our introduction we started chatting. Of course he wanted to know more about us, so we talked for a while, telling him who we were, what our plans for the future were etc.
Turns out he and his wife had been growing vegetables and flowers for decades on an ecological basis, even certified, that the land that lay behind the greenhouse was theirs too and that that too was ecologically certified. So I elaborated a bit more on our plans and I told him I thought it was a waste to let the older generations experience go to waste. He looked at me and quite casually mentioned he was planning on stopping using the greenhouse for woodcutting and generally lay it all down. He'd grown to old for it. I sensed he was more than just politely interested..... as was I, since what they did, is right up our alley. I think there is so much they could teach us.

The day after, as I was walking Rex again, I found myself walking towards the greenhouse again and decided to take a detour across the land... I saw its potential and I just could see sheep and cows grazing there... Turns out the barn that is there is perfectly suitable for keeping livestock... with appropriate interior and all...
Daydreaming and preplanning (fantasising) I walked on and there, right at the far end of the land, was something that stopped me dead in my tracks; a moose... a big one... in brought daylight... staring at me. You don't just run into a moose.. It shows itself to
Now those who have read me more often know that moose have a special place in my heart. It is my totem animal. I consider seeing one to be a good omen and it has happened a few times before that, whenever I was struggling with something, some decision, a moose would show itself to me.
And now the answer was staring me in the face.... literally! I could approach it quite closely, up to about 25 meters, before Rex could not contain himself any longer and started the pull on the leash and started barking. I hushed him down, but the moose trotted off, not alarmed or anything, for a dozen meters or so and stopped, turned at stared at me again. Rex lost it and now the moose disappeared between the trees, still unhurried and calm.
Rex still has much to learn.....

As we continued we came across a fox a little later on and Rex, once again, went ballistic. But he responded quite quickly, when I called him back. About half an hour later he was tested again. This time by a group of deer, 8 in total, standing between the trees, up wind from us. They hadn't yet caught sent of us, but had seen us. I quietly commanded rex to stay calm, to come back to me and he obeyed... Reluctantly, but still he did. I kept on telling him to remain calm and quiet and he was able to control himself, even when the herd bounded off, deeper into the woods. We have come quite a way already with him until now, but we are not there yet. He does obey a lot better then before, but still has days when he simply doesn't want to. The same goes for his pulling on the leash. But there is progress and we will continue to work on it, until he can go without the leash being strung like a snare and until he can look at wildlife, without going into hunt- or chase-mode.
Yet Rex has also become a teacher to me; he is teaching me patience, how to treat and work with larger animals, how to read and understand them. I too still have much to learn... Keeping my temper on "off-days" is one of them.

Two days later, again while roaming around with Rex, we found ourselves on that piece of land again. Apparently we both like it there....I did a bit more reconnaissance and found a little shack that I suspect to hold a pump. The electrical wiring and fuse box were sort of a give away. I also found a well next to the barn, so there is running water. The barn is in disrepair too, but appears dry on the inside...
As we walked on we eventually passed the house of the couple owning it all.... And right after I passed their driveway I stopped... and did something that is very, very unlike me. I walked up to the house, knocked on the door and when it opened I invited them both for coffee and cake to have a talk about ecological growing of plants. We chatted a little more and I basically told them what our plans were and how we looked upon things. I told them about having sheep and chickens too. Turns out they had sheep as well! And she used to make her own cheese! Ohh, there is so much knowledge there.... He again looked me in the eyes and said:"but I suppose finding land is an issue, isn't it." I can not help but feeling he knew damn well what I was thinking!!
They promised to get in touch with us as soon as he is done with the firewood for this year. Again he mentioned he wanted to call it quits after that.... We will talk some more about it all then...

I do not yet know exactly how large the areal is or even if the barn is their as well. Size is about 4 hectares or 10 acres. One side is almost perfectly flat and one side is hilly; growing crops and grazing...


  1. Oh I am putting all my positive energy into this. Listen, you are on to something. I can feel it. If this door doesn't open all the way for you another door will be opening. It is coming. I believe the forest spirit knows us better than we know ourselves. The moos-ji (I call it by the Cree name from my ancestors in Canada) was definitely communicating with you.

    1. I so do hope so.
      I want it to, I need it to, we need it to and dare i say it the "world" does so, too.
      My journey seems to be leading me towards this or something similar and I am willing to commit to it. I can not change of save the world, but I can change mine.
      Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.

  2. Did we pass that place on our way up to the coalmine cabin? I sort of remember we passed an old greenhouse on the left hand on our way up the road?
    A place lige that would be ideal for you guys.