Friday, March 20, 2015

Skogens andar

or spirits of the forest....

Today was a very special day and one that I might remember for a long, long time.
As everybody knows today was the day that we both had a solar eclipse and a spring equinox. You might shrug your shoulders now, thinking "So?".... I'll get back to those events later on..

A strange string of events happened today, not taking into consideration the solar eclipse before and the equinox later that day:
It started when I was going for a walk with Rex. I was thinking out loud which way to take, when my wife suggested to take a certain route. As I was on my way Rex and I came at the crossing where both routes split up; right ahead and to the right the route I had had in mind and to the left the route my wife had suggested. Rex and I were pretty much heading for "my" route, when at the very last instant I called Rex back and swung onto the track my wife suggested.
No idea why, just did...
As we were walking up the track, feeling the light snow, that had been falling all morning, on my face I sunk into thought, contemplating and pondering over some of the issues I am working on/ struggling with lately. And for some reason I formulated very clearly what it is I want, how I want to do this and above all what my intentions and motivations were.... And then, in my mind, I very deliberately asked for guidance and help. After that I let it go....
Rex and I walked on and I noticed how well behaved and obedient he was today. Not like his usual self lately... up the track and at one point we came across a logger track going over a clearcut area. One we never used before. The track was crossed by a small stream of meltwater... And again, for some reason, I went up there... We hopped over the stream, crossed the open area and headed for the behind laying forest. As we entered it, I noticed the green and white patchwork under the trees. The snow had gathered on the exposed mossy surfaces, but the tree circles were still fresh green. I watched this kind of fairytale like display and took some pictures. Then I noticed that I was standing on a fork in the loggers track. One track swung right and one continued deeper into the forest. I chose the latter one to follow. Within 15 meters Rex took off! I am glad I learned how to read his body language, so I had just enough time to brace for the inevitable impact of him hitting the end of the line. I knew he had seen something, but I had not. So I hissed him back and reeled in the leash. He kept pulling, very much wanting to go up the track. So we did.... And I thought I heard
something thumping away. My heart skipped a beat and some 10 meters ahead my suspicion was confirmed; a moose. Big prints in the moss and snow. We moved on and I got wind of something... The moose had been so close that I could actually smell it! Its scent hung between the trees! We followed the tracks uphill for a while, until something told me to stop. And I did. Took another picture of the prints and veered off to the left, knowing there would be another, known to me, loggers track somewhere in that
direction. We found it after about 150 meter cross country. As we stepped onto that track, I turned around and said thanks. At that moment a shudder went down my spine..
We went home, my mind empty and Rex reverted t some of his more usual behaviour, yet still not bad and energetic as usual.

A squirrel's bistro.
There were pinecone scales on all three boulders.

The leftover fireplace of a coaler's cabin

Snowflakes caught in a spider's web...

Now you might think I really lost it, but consider this....
How big are the odds of all this happening, exactly on the day of both a solar eclipse AND a spring equinox, both markers of times of great change .... I do not believe in coincidences and even if I did, these are a few too many happening within a short timespan.
No, I really do believe, no I know I have been spoken to..... and I got my answers....

A nice article on solar eclipse on the equinox; a powerful catalyst for new beginnings/


  1. I just shudder thinking how mindblowingly amazing it would be to come upon a moose! A moose in the wild! Just like it would be mindblowingly amazing to come upon a mountain lion. We have come upon Roosevelt Elk and I am just in awe. We never get close. It feels like maybe they are just a little less dangerous than a Brown Bear or Grizzly. Amazing nature. I would love to see a polar bear or narwhal or salmon run. To me they are all equal. Oh I respect Mother Nature. She offers such unspeakable majesty.

  2. Cool moose encounter, Ron! :)