Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A patent on nature???

Right now there is a legal battle going on between the Swiss based company Syngenta and a broad European farmer- and breeders alliance. Syngenta is trying to patent the genetic ability of red peppers to withstand white flies. The alliance says that that ability is a natural feat of the plant, not an invention. Actually Syngenta already owns that patent, but the alliance, some 28 organisations demand a withdrawel of that. patent.... Which incidentally means that Syngenta owns all pepperplants and -seeds with that natural resistence.
Here you can read about it in English
In december Monsanto tried something similar.... And companies like these will keep on trying until 1 corrupt of shortsighted judge agrees with them.... After that I am quite sure there'll be a storm of legal claims until even the plants are no longer free, but owned by Big Ag.

Just so you know....
Keep an open eye and keep on spreading the word...
Vigilance is an absolute must...

An image of a future homesteader???


  1. I cannot even keep up with all the new GMOs. . . And the image. I think it is not future, it is current. Thank you for sharing. Are you on Facebook?

  2. Yes, I am. Although I can not say for how much longer and I do not really actively use it.
    It can be a useful tool, but I always have that strange gut feeling about it... and that little nagging voice in the back of my head.

  3. I have been following GMOs since the 80s. I have been a member of Seed Savers Exchange out of Decorah, Iowa and they have been publishing the insanity ever since the acronym GMO was coined. It's just a flippin' nightmare. It doesn't seem to be going away. But, BUT there are SO many people against it. We just have to keep raking our fingernails across the black board and making so much noise that they can't ignore us. Now it seems you, too, Ron, are going to be in an even position to make a positive contribution to a better world. So good!

  4. I keep forgetting to check the button that pings me when you reply.