Sunday, February 8, 2015


a 30kg lapdog...
I actually had alternative titles for this post, but this one really fits.... Because we are housebound these days...
For some reason the entire family is a tad sluggish, tired.... No one is very active or goes out a lot. We do what we have to do, but not much more. Especially this weekend where both the mrs. and I had a bit of trouble healthwise. Nothing serious, just a cold. Just enough to make you feel even more heavy, pithless and tired. I guess we're all a bit winter-tired and are longing for the season to come and also for the season to go. Plus having freezing temperatures and a strong wind, blowing in gales doesn't make for comfortable circumstances when out either. Yet it was exactly this weather that created a moment I will cherish for a good while.
My son and I were out walking the dog saturday night and it was cold and the wind was blowing. And for some reason I mentioned to him that 70 years ago there were 2 armies fighting one another mercilessly in even worse conditions; -30C or colder and snow storms. I wondered out loud how on earth they did that and how the heck they even survived! After that the conversation developed and we looked at the stars, talked about astrology and through that started philosophizing about other universes, parallel dimensions, the afterlife and the spark of life itself... Before we knew it we stood in front of our house again and then he said to me that this was a great talk and that he really had enjoyed philosophising with me about this all....

One of the alternative titles would have been "Colours of winter", because the ever changing circumstances create the most interesting and beautiful color patterns. Who said winter has to be white or boring grey??
The weatherforecast for the next 14 days predict serious thaw during the days, slight frost during the nights, so these might as well be the last real winterpictures of the season... Enjoy them while they last, I'd say!

The following images are made by my wife, using nothing but my cellphone.

I was renamed to mr.Tumnus in the righthand image.... and I actually like that! Love the movie and really like the character...

These are mine...

We did have a full moon last week and while the moon was waning, we had some clear nights, while the warmer air moved into our area. The surface of the lakes still trap the cold air and when the two meet they create the most spectacular, fairytale-like, magical or creepy atmospheres. The moon lit those fogs and the snow reflected the light... The air was still and yet the fog moved... slowly... In the distance a fox called.... Owww how we do not like not having a decent camera!!! But maybe not doing so makes us appreciate the actual moment more.

A great tit having a drink of meltwater on an icicle.
The moment after I took the picture it broke off...
Despite the fact that it only is the beginning of february and there's still frost and snow a plenty, there are also the very first, very faint signs of things to come. The birds have begun to become lively. We can heard them quite well, even while we are inside. They chatter and call all day long, if the sun is out. And as soon as it does, the temperature goes up. We have had a warm day yesterday and a little less today, where the thermometer rose well over 0 degrees in the sun and water started to flow.... Like I said, for the next week or 2 there will be more of that. Temperatures will rise even more during the day, but remain freezing at night. So that'll be fun....
Well, we actually are outside at least 3-4 times each day and the changes make for some spectacular displays. The snow comes cascading down from the trees, but since it is still loose it creates clouds of sparkles in the sun. We called it fairydust....
We did receive a bit of sunshine and it felt so good to soak that up as well, immediately boosting our energy levels a bit. But the days of sunshine are sporadic and the boostmoments are shortlived.

Birds are gathering in larger numbers these days and we regularly have flocks several dozens large in the trees around the house. They are quite a sight and the racket they make is substantial, but in this time of year it is highly enjoyable as well.

So we sit at home a lot.... read a lot.... watch the snow melt....and fall, watch how the days are getting longer and longer, how the sun has very noticeable changed its position in the sky and how it gains strength with each passing day... or goof around....

Do not expect any words of wisdom here!
I actually do not wear glasses.... yet.
These are my daughter's.


  1. Great pictures! Crazy world these days, we have same IKEA chair here across the ocean. Glasses look good, intellectual. :) Now I just need to read all your posts. .

    1. These chairs date back from my early IKEA-days. That's when they still had good quality stuff.
      Intellectual, huh... Well, I am not a dumb guy, but neither am I intellectual. My life is ruled more by my heart than my head, really.
      And you only have less than 250 posts to go through. Winter's not gone yet...;)

  2. Beautiful pictures! You've inspired me. We have to go up into the Sierras before winter is over! My husband HATES snow but he'll visit it. I saw snow shoes at Costco the other day and I almost bought them. Really wanted to. BTW I hope you guys are all better now.

  3. We are getting tired of the snow, simply because we have had a whiff of spring in the air.. Now it has melted away partially only to refreeze again.
    And we are working our way through the third wave of being unwell.... Fun isn't it, how those damn viruses and germs change... just enough to not make one immune to them. And isn't it equally great to experience what the kids bring home from school?

  4. yes. I say: leave those little gifts elsewhere!