Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Having animals creates opportunities....

February has come and brought with it a ton of snow! I can not remember ever having seen so much snow. In places it is 50-60cm deep, well above my knee.
Having a dog that needs to go out makes having fun in the snow a lot easier.... Especially if you have a dog that just loves snow... like ours. So we do spend some time outside..... and not just playing with Rex. We also bring out toys.... like sleds, shovels, skis and the like.
The kids build snowforts in the heaps of snow, left by the snowploughs... Only to start digging again after the next day's plowing. I wanted to try the snowshoes some more and of course my antique skis. That did not work out too well with one pair. After fiddling about for an hour I had them adjusted to fit my boots and as I was putting on the skis.... the leather straps just snapped. Rotten..... Now I need to completely redo the straps and exchange them all.... Oh well... I can always try them next winter... *sigh*.
I have two more pairs of skis I need to fix, but maybe I can combine the parts of those to get one operational pair out of them.

And today, while walking the dog, I had the bright idea to try a new path, leading up to the viewpoint I showed previously. That turned out to be quite a challenge; 60cm of next to untouched snow, steep uphill going through the forest. So our dogwalkinground turned into a multi-hour-winter-forest-hike. So yes... even more snowy winterpictures....

I did learn a thing or two. One is to bring snowshoes and gaiters if you are going in to the woods under these circumstances. The snow clung to our lower legs and often reached over our knees. This melts and causes the leg muscles to cool very fast and strong. I experiences mild cramps in them.
Another one is to bring a backpack with warm drinks, some snacks and at least some form of protection against the elements in case of an emergency. A hidden branch or hole can cause crippling injuries at any time. Three; bring a brush. Snow clinging to clothes and fur melts and becomes ice. Not comfortable and it compromises insulation.

A carthedral of white.... powerfull, silent


Yup, that deep... or deeper!

We came across some obstacles on the path. In this case a pinetree, fallen doan and covered with snow.

The goal; the viewpoint

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love your snow there. . Good thing about the woods the snow never gets dirty much like here in the city, where it is only beautiful for the first hour. . . Love your dog also. American groundhog here is still predicting 6 weeks of winter, but those go by so fast.