Saturday, January 17, 2015

How to live and die in the anthropocene

I found a couple of essays, through Andrea Hejlskov's blog and I just had to repost them.... 

I'll also repost the opening lines by Andrea, because they say exactly what I want to say...

"This blog post is written in response to two articles I´ve read tonight. I am extremely affected by these essays and I hope you read them. Both essays deal with the sense of sorrow and loss many of us feel watching, as we do, the world crumble before our very own eyes.
I strongly recommend them."

Learning how to die in the anthropocene by Roy Scranton, the Opiniator, 2013-11-10

Learning how to live anthropocene by Ian Mackenzie, The paragim Stroyteller, december 2013

I can not describe the effect they had on me, when I read them...... BOOM is the most fitting I can come up with. I am taken a back, lost for words.... Because I already new, deep down....

I strongly urge you to read them too...


  1. OK so I read How to Live. Really thought provoking and inspires further investigation. The only problem I have with it is a problem I have with a lot of smart people. They never say how. They only allude to the answer. "We have to learn how to live".. How vague is that? I suppose then they hide behind (because it feels like hiding to me, sorry) well you have to figure it out for yourself. To which I say BS let me hear what you're willing to do. If you've got a half hour I will volunteer what I plan to do. I'll put it on the line for ridicule.

    Long ago I heard a guy say "the forest is made of green trees" and in that simple wisdom I found the answer to my quest for wholeness/truth/whatever you wanna callit. We recycle, we eat local, we re-use, yadda yadda. All that good stuff. We find what works for us as individuals and even though it may be hard or painful we make a plan and we work it. If being martyr is our dharma we do that. If working behind the scenes in anonymity is our dharma we do that. If we croak then we croak. In the meantime I choose to just live my life with as much joy and common sense as I can. Oh yeah and laugh uproariously as much as possible. Laughing has not gotten enough attention lately.

    I've gotta stop because it's late and I have a big day tomorrow but just let me say thanks for sending these thought provoking ideas out into the atmosphere through your blog. Blessings.

    1. Hey, it is a lot easier pointing out the problem and yelling it out to the world. Makes you look smart.
      Coughing up an answer..... well, that would make one rich if someone came up with those, right?
      btw, the dying-essay is equally, if not more impressive.

      And unfortunately is the forest not only made up of green trees. There's plenty of dead and fallen, rotten ones too. But you are right. We can only do so much in our direct sphere of influence and all we can do is to try and make what we do count.
      I noticed I do laugh more recently. No longer looking like the sourpus like earlier in the blog.
      And good luck with whatever you're going to do today!