Sunday, January 25, 2015

A noteworthy day....

*Attention! This post contains images that some might find shocking. distasteful or otherwise inappropriate. If you are squeamish, I strongly suggest you leave... NOW!"
exict sarcasm-mode...

Ahh, it surely was, because we got bathed in sunlight! And the temperatures were not bad either, just above freezing in the sun and below out of it. No wind..... Wonderfull!
That means that the hours around midday our livingroom gets maximum sunlight, so I took advantage of that and started to tank up on those sorely missed D vitamins, while I waited for someone to come and pick up the disabled Mitsubishi from our parkingarea, along with 2 dishevelled children's bicycles, the old lawnmower and a metal bathtub. He never showed up or was heard of. I hate it, when people do that.... but I caught a good deal of rays!

You have been warned!!!
The shadow is a candle standing on the table...
and you can see the effects of eating grain again... damn.

But the day started out well before that.
While we were doing dishes my wife caught a movement between the trees in our backyard. It was a bird. The same colour as a thrush, but bigger.... and thrushes will not be here for another 2-3 months. She mentioned it to me and as we stood there looking out there came a bird, wafting through the trees, ever closer and I recognised the shape..... It came right up to within 2 meters of the window and as it turned, it turned its underside towards us, which caught the sunlight and we saw the sandy/black mottled underside of a peregrine falcon! Must have been a young one, since it was not completely white yet...
I am always thrilled by a sight like that.
Now this is what winter should be like!
25-30cm of snow, clear skies, frost and sunshine!

The 2 tracks visible are the hares we scared.
something didn't make it...
After lunch I took Rex for a walk and that become a longer and tougher one then usually. With no fixed route in mind we roamed about, using little to no road or paths, so the going was quite tough at times with loose snow up to and over kneedeep. We scared off 2 hares. 2 fat ones, too and as the ran off, zigzagging across the field I looked at them, enjoying their grace.... and thinking that they'd make a good dinner, wondering what they'd taste like and how much meat they'd give. Is hare skin good/usable for something?

To me this is as Swedish as it can possibly get!!
We wondered on and on and came across a place where wood had been stacked. We knew folks had been cutting wood nearby. We heard the machines and we saw the cuttings and the mess they made. We also saw the woodpile from the distance, but today I checked them out up close.
It was a large amount of wood. Piles up to 6 meters high and 20-30 meters long.... on both sides of a path. That had to be a large area
they came from and as we walked on we saw that area..... And I was right... Yet the area was not completely clear cut. There were still trees standing among the large heaps of debris, branches and leftover wood. If this is left here in spring I will go ask the owner of the land if I can take the stems.

We moved on, crossing the cut area and entering another, previously cut area. Here the underlaying brush made the snow even deeper, at points reaching halfway up my thighs. I would've loved to have my snowshoes with me! Rex just happily plowed on, hopping from left to right, sniffing here, digging in there... We did not take a single, known (to him) road or path and he clearly enjoyed it! The "road" home took us straight across the lake and he ran "free" on his long leash, racing and jumping, challenging me to "fight" him. We spent our remaining energy out in the open, before heading home again.

It is surely noteworthy how one day of sunshine re-energises a human. Talked to one of the "neighbours" out on the ice and he said the exact same thing. You feel so much more alive and energetic, much more willful to go out and do something....


  1. I almost can't relate to this wonderful post because we have been having unseasonably warm weather here in Northern California. Days like you describe are deep in the recesses of my memory growing up on the Midwestern plains of this country. We didn't have to work out in it so much as we had heated machine barns on the farms. So it was actually fun to walk the fields looking for animal sign. Just like you describe. Every now and then I miss the snow. So we go to the mountains. Have you ever heard of anyone building a house with cordwood? That wall of wood stacked that way reminded me of a unique building technique whereby they build walls of seasoned debarked cordwood stacked just like that with mortar in between. Stunning.

    1. I heard and read about woodstacks being stacked like a house for mere fun. Never heard they ised mortar for it to make it permanent.

  2. The trees left standing after the timber harvest are seed trees - left behind to naturally seed the next generations. It happens fast. Our woodlot was harvested 17 years ago, just before we bought it, and has restored itself well.

    Hare makes a nice hat or gloves if you take them while they have their winter coat. They taste good, not like an alfalfa fed, cage raised rabbit.

    1. Hi Robin, thanks for dropping in!
      I know these are seedtrees, yet it still saddens me that there is so much being cut. Sometimes it is cut with using the head, but often places like these are just ravaged, torn up and completely bare. As if an armored division has fought a battle...
      It'll be a while before I'll get my hunters license, so for now the hare goes free.