Saturday, November 1, 2014

November, november.... A dark time...

Five o'clock in the afternoon and it's already pitchblack outside. We have been living in a dusky world all day as it was; cloudy, drizzly, dark... Lights in the house have been on all day and still will the days continue to shorten for 2 more months. It'll be new year then...
Kids are out for halloween, went trick or treating yesterday and the youngest one has a halloweenparty tonight. Our oldest daughter went to sing with my wife in the churchchoir. It is "the day of the dead" and here is Sweden people take that seriously, remembering and honouring all those loved ones that passed away and for me that too makes the absence of those I no longer have with me, dead or alive, extra felt, adding to that gloomy atmosphere.

But soon everything will change! Winter will be coming and with it, hopefully, frost and snow, which automatically means a brighter world.
And already the eyes are turned toward the other side of winter. A while ago a package arrived that will hopefully give a lot of satisfaction. It sure will give us a lot of work before that!
Red cabbage, green cabbage, onions, carrots, leeks, chard, endive, spinach, several species of beans, peas, and salades and a whole array of kitchenherbs. That's for starters.
Longer term planning is to have garlic, more fruits besides the berrybushes we already have, like 2 cherrytrees, maybe some nuts and more vegetables. 
Skaukraft and I were even planning on inoculating apples on a rowan-base coming spring. One of our neighbours here has delicious apples and we know that regrowing them from seeds will not necessarily give the same apples again. 
We also managed to get hold of a very cheap, but next to new rotary cultivator. Not exactly lowtech, enviromentally friendly, but it'll help keeping my physical health when working the soil. And it'll only be used once a year if everything works out well.
And with that comes one of my favorite gardeningjobs; planning!!! (and a bit of daydreaming, too)

For now I am enjoying my cave; building, tinkering or just sitting by myself thinking and daydreaming. One of the things I am working on, is my German backpack. I have been pondering about how to get a frame for that one and I think I have found a solution. It'll be shown here shortly, but I can tell you it'll be a little different...
I am also planning on doing a all-gear-review-post again soon, so that's in the works too.
And with any luck there'll be some more moosehide tanning to be done too, so plenty of things to keep me busy!
Plus of course I want to go out! An overnighter last week did not materialize since I was.... rather busy, but with any luck there'll be some woodstime second half of the week!

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