Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A place of my own - mancave 2.0

I finally have a place in the house I can call "my own". A place where I can sit and tinker, work, think and mess around.
Before the things gathered here were everywhere in the house; a "workbench" with cupboards in the hall, gear and stuff in the cellar and where ever I wanted to work I was either in the way or surrounded by chaos, often both. The same went for my wife and her hobby of wool- and feltworking.
I "claimed" this room for myself before, but it never really was mine anyway. A large freezer took up a lot of room and there was stuff dumped into the room all the time. Anything that needed to be gotten rid of fast, ended up in there and I did this too. We have been rearranging a lot around here lately, starting with my oldest daughter's room and that gave me the worktable and shelves above it. The shelves that are on the right were in store since summer in the shed, but got snowed under by other things. The shed was filled to the brim too and was just chaos as well.
Then we took care of our son's room and that cleared out some room in the shed too, since his desk was stored in there with much other stuff. The carpet is an old, woolen one, but was too damaged to lay in the house. So I took it. No problem, since I liked it anyway.
In the meantime we arranged for the small foodcellar to become storageroom for my wife's hobbymaterials and the large laundrycellar is to become a foodcellar instead. It is by far larger and much cooler than the previous one. To keep it cool we moved the laundrydryer into the cellar hall, so that one's a lot less cold in winter. Another bonus. All in all we were quite busy last week, during which the weather was pretty wild; a lot of wind and rain.
Some other advantages of all this rearranging is that I had to sort out all the things stored in there. Now the family campinggear is stored in the attic and all the things I do not need, use or have to much of are put together and will go on sale soon.
My room will get some of its warmth from the adjacent heaterroom, which will also fill my room with the faint smell of a woodfire. No complaints there either.
It feels good to take care of all the chaos around oneself. A messy head makes a messy living area and v.v.

What it looked like 2 years ago...
(I'll spare you what it looked like since then)
when coming in
to the left

to the right

And what it looks like now...

In the lefthand corner;
Bottom: winterclothes
first shelve: box w. leather and -working tools
Second shelve: toolbox with woodworkingtools
A felt hat, an apron and a strop next to that.
This corner remained largely unchanged.
Boots and shoepolishbox. Yes, I still polish my shoes...
Swiss backpack, kukri machete and axe

A closeup of the shelfcorner; a bit of eyecandy. Traditional and/or natural gear, tools and rawmaterials.
I also found a very old cane, made from a pinebranch! No ideas whose that was. Certainly not the previous house owner's.

One of my scalemodelling shelves. My stash of models on top, then some shelves with modelling- and military related books and binders. Then a shelf with older magazines, through which I like to browse every once in a while.
All my outdoor related books are still up in the livingroom, where they will stay.

And then there's my workingarea. I wonder how long it will look like this.... ;)
All the white boxes either hold a project I work at, are in the planningstage or hold spareparts.
The woven basket on the floor is actually a backpack, waiting to be fixed. Drawers on the right with paints and glues and gathering waste in the middle; paper in the box, plastic in the bag.


  1. Meine Güte! Your pile of stuff looks ever so much like my pile of stuff, only your neater (that won't last). Just about the same number of packs, some are even the same, just about the same number of boots, too. I don't have any plastic model kits but all my books are there in the basement. But I don't think of it as a man cave, just a basement. I don't want to imagine living in a cave but a log house instead, even a cabin. It reminds me of some old book that had advice on how to rusticate a room in your house with split log chairs and tables and other cabin-like fixtures.

    First time I've seen a strop in any photo on any blog. I don't have one but I've got my wife's grandfather's straight razor. Maybe I need one after all. I have a found deer antler, which is stashed on the shelf with boxes of bird's nests, paint trays, thermos bottles and electric can openers that won't open cans. I also have a bucksaw that came from my wife's grandfather, too, along with a huge assortment of chisels, planes, folding rulers and tack hammers, almost none of which I use.

    Thanks for letting us into your house.

    1. The term "mancave" actually comes from the saying that "every man needs his cave!", meaning as much as that every man needs some place or time of his own, on his own.
      The shelves with gear actually are just a little over half filled. There's a lot of room left.
      And I do have old tools, but these are in the "toolshed" or room next door because I actually do use them. Only the ones too far gone are used as ornaments, like the bucksaw shown. The wood has split, so I glued it, the rope is rotten and the metal fastenings rusted together.

  2. Looking good man! Very nice, excellently organized and situation, well squared away, I need to get mine cleaned back up and reorganized too. I got a couple ideas out of your set up that will improve my set up. Thanks for posting it!

    1. Your welcome! Glad to be of service and a messy cave somehow just ruins the fun of it all, including the packing for going out; stumbling and grappling over and through the mounts of stuff...

  3. Lokking good Ron.
    Man, you even got more stuff laying around than me:-D
    But you are much more organized than me, so theres a thing or two to learn here.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Then you must now have all that much, Odd. ;)
      It really looks like more than it actually is and there's a bulky Norwegian sleepingbag you might be familiar with on top of it all as well.

    2. Well, if I gather it all up I guess there will be quite a bit after all.
      Did you try out the sleeping bag yet?

  4. wow, cool place! The shelves full with bits and bobs, a treasure! :D