Friday, August 1, 2014

When days start bad.......

...... they might end up like that..........

But today was not such a day.
Well, it did start of pretty lousy. There was this one fly.... Just one fly..... in a sweltering hot sleepingroom. And that damn fly managed to do something unproportional to its size; wake up an entire family and get them out of bed before and just after sunrise! That little, pesky, buzzing..... critter kept on annoying everyone by landing on or around our faces until we were all awake and up. I just before 05:00, the rest shortly after. After another uncomfortably warm night we were all in a less then good mood. Despite that we tried to see the sunny side of things..... Quite literally too, actually.

We enjoyed the early morning freshness, opened every window and door we could find in an attempt to get the heat out of the house. And let's be honest, early summermornings can be quite enchanting!

For this day we had planned to go and see one of the ancient forests in the region, the Vällingsjö urskog. It is said to be untouched by human industrial activities, meaning no logging has been done there since the 30's and many of the trees are old, up to 300 years. I've never experienced such a forest, so I just wanted to go there. Initially I had planned going by myself and in hindsight I think I should've.
Since our hosts told us that Sweden's second highest waterfall, Västanåfallet, is situated on the way to Vällingsjö it was an obvious site to visit too. We set out early and arrived at the waterfalls just after 08:00 and the temperatures were already rising considerably. The site itself is quite nice and the surrounding area is reported to be likewise, but just the climb up, alongside the waterfall, left us all bathing in sweat. The fall itself should be quite impressive during the snowmelt or after heavy rains, but now it had died down to a trickle. I guess the drought and warmth caused that.

We kept the visit short, before moving on to Vällingsjö.
Arriving at the scene 2 major problems surfaced. Due to the heat only I was dressed for the occasion. The rest of the family attended in a much more summerly fashion, not the most suitable for the terrain really. The added bonus of the most forest ants per square foot I have ever seen did not make things more appealing and the aggression they showed against the expedition members in short pants and soft shoes meant a quick end to the ancientforestexpedition.....
On our way out I wanted to stop at one spot to take some pictures and to deal with my disappointment in solitude. That nearly cut the already short vacation even shorter! I was approaching the edge of a small lake to take a look and some pictures, when suddenly the ground gave way and my right leg disappeared into the ground. I was caught totally off balance and my fall was only broken by my groin hitting the surface, but after my right elbow had taken the biggest part of the blow...... sending that directly into my shoulder.... Yep, the one that already did give me quite some trouble.....

Me, directly after the incident
 The following image is the result of me taking a picture, focussing, pressing the releasebutton and sinking through the ground at the same time...
shot at the moment of impact!

what I intended
what actually happenend


After this episode we tried to keep up our spirits and looked for alternatives to do or see, but the excessive heat in the car made short notice of any other plans...... Via a small detour we headed back to the cabin and enjoyed the rest of the day in a relaxed manor with books, some sewing or listening to some music. Which was just as well, since it was our last day and the day after meant a more than 4 hour drive home in this heat.

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