Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Smog in Dalarna!

One leaves the city, moves to a very rural area in Sweden to enjoy peace, quiet and fresh air.... and now we have smog!! And not just a little bit....

I wrote about the large forest fire near Sala yesterday and as of yet they are still struggling to get it under control, allthough the circumstances have improved much! The weather is playing along quite nicely, sending rainshowers and holding back on wind and heat. Now the firefightingcrews have gotten reinforcements in the form of firefightingplanes, coming from France and Italy. Good to see some international cooperation, but it did take very long for the planes to get here. Maybe a Nordic cooperation with all its forests might be a better solution.... but that's up to the politicians...
Due to the enormous amounts of smoke the planes appearantly can't get airborne, which brings me to the smoke around here. There still lies a vail of smoke over our region, but last nights rain made things a bit worse.
Around midnight we were awoken by a rolling thunderstorm, but when we looked out the window there was something missing.... There was no wind and no rain! Just huge amounts of lightning and an occasional really, rolling thunder. Looked like a paparazzi photo shoot... It was a strange sensation, but as we were watching the missing elements were added. Unleashed is actually a better word, for they entered the scene as if they had been held back, restrained.... Suddenly the trees almost bend over, gusts of wind whipping through the leaves and the floodgates of the heavens opened up. We looked at it in amazement, thinking we had seen it all, but then the storm stepped up a bit, sending in more wind, more lightning and even more rain! I have never seen anything like that! We could only make out the horse stable across the street, because it had a light on.... It was a hypnotic sight, awesome and a bit frightening too. And then it all went silent at once..... restarting about a minute or 2 afterwards; the eye had passed! The rain lashed against the livingroom window as if someone was using a gardenhose, despite the 1 meter deep overhang right above it. The gravelroad had turned into a waterstream, our roof into a waterfall and the trees were dancing wildly. My thoughts went to the very large birchtrees on both sides of the house. I shuddered thinking what would happen if one of them would came crashing down in the wrong direction... The weather never ceases to amaze and fascinate me...

In the morning I actually expected to see some damage, but apart from some branches on the ground the world was the same as before, only a lot more wet. I had thought that wind and rain would sweep the air clean, but the now very high levels of moisture in the air and the low hanging clouds were actually trapping the smoke at low levels.
Eyes, nose and throat are irritated and I feel as if I have a cold.

Yesterday afternoon

A satellite-image my wife found on FB. We are roughly inside the circle. As soon as the wind changes even slightly to the south we're in the middle of it...


  1. I read a little about this fire earlier. Didn't realize its location in relation to you. Hope all comes out well eventually.

    I've seen a storm or two like that, their beginnings are eerie and almost unnatural feeling, then the actual storm just descends like a hammer and you're in the thick of it.

  2. The smoke was inconvenient mostely, but a new experience for us, so a bit intimidating as well.

  3. I've been Googling a bit but just can't seem to find how it all ended. Did the fire consume a very big area or was it more or less contained?

    Nature can be brutal, glad you and your family got through it well.