Monday, May 5, 2014

The end of the world as we know it...

Some may consider this a political post and may want to discus, disagree, dislike or otherwise dis it.
Please feel free to do so, but keep your manners and your temper!
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The titel did catch your attention, right?
and no... it is not about a zombie apocalypse either.
That we allready have...

Lately I have been having some conversations and discussions about our society today and the road we are travelling and the destination we are heading in..... And it got me thinking.... How do I see our world and our future as a species?
It is a given fact (to me) that the vast majority of the people today are totally disconnected from our roots and from the natural world around us. They act like sheep, hence the often used term sheeple, following the herder in the form of the latest trends and fashion, buying the latest and greatest technoligical gadgets, blindly following whatever the established political, medical, nutritional, economical but above all commercial  institutions tell us....

Yet I sincerely believe that these institutions serve but one goal, to maintain their own basis of power. Nothing more and nothing less and by all means necessary. They lie, they cheat and use force, often deadly, whenever they see the need and the sheeple turn a blind eye?
Why? Are people stupid? Or just plain lazy? Is it too uncomfortable for them to comprehend or are they simply to adjusted, maybe even addicted and dependend on the current system that they actively work to uphold it and deny what's wrong?

Bottomline is that many outside the sheepleherds are convinced that current society and even civilisation can NOT go on. It simply is not sustainable! You can not keep on consuming the resources around you indefinitely. It is a mathmetical impossibility....
And yet those institutions keep on repeating that age old propagandaphrase; the economy has to keep growing in order to maintain our high standards of living, where as that high standard is only measured in items possessed or bought. mental or spiritual wellness is conveniently erased from the equasion and happyness is equal to an amount of your bankaccount and a number of items in your shoppingcart. We have been brainwashed with that lie for generations, ever since the Allies brought us freedom, freeing us from one mad tyrant and replacing that dictatorship with that of consumerist democracy. They keep on doing that even this day! But that's another story.... or is it?
The current powers, banks and corporations alike, keep using and consuming whatever they want or need in order to increase their own wealth, man, plant, animal or mineral alike. Loggingcompanies keep cutting forests at alarming rates, miningcompanies keep digging ever bigger holes and mines, oilcompanies keep pumping up oil and gas in ever increasing quantities and what they can not get legally they take by deceit or blunt force.
The foodindustry keeps on poisoning the people with not food, but foodlike products (sugar, additives , chemicals etc.), that have nothing to do with food and the sientific and medical establishment keeps on turning up with "evidence" and "research" that those products are not bad for you (guess who pays for that research) and if you do feel bad, they'll provide you with medication to feel better.
All at a cost of course.....

Many outside said herds are also convinced that this civilisation has to and will fall, come to an end or otherwise be drastically changed in order to save what is left of our world. These current practises have to stop! Afterall there is no planet B. This is our home. This is what we have to work with and live in and on. No matter how hard senior executives of multibillion dollar banks and corporations try to tell us otherwise! Again by all means necesarry.
And I must confess that I am spooked by the negative, dark and pessimistic views many of those "nay-sayers" show.... Allthough I used to be one of them not so long ago. I too thought that it would all end in one huge heap of misery, suffering and despair.
I know that those powers will not yield that easily, not without a fight and there is a very large chance that, when (not if) they fall, they will drag as much with them as possible  It might end up like Germany  in 1945, but on a global scale... The change will be painfull and will not take place without a fight of some sort..... But the longer we wait, the harder that fight will be and the ugglier the picture will be!

Many see our future like this....

or even like this!

I do not believe that that scenario, that ending is inevitable. On the contrary!
I do believe that we have options!
But.... those options comes with work... a lot of hard, honest work. We need to get rid of those mega-institutions, go back to smallscale communities. Communities that can take care of themselves, self sustaining and maintaining. Communities with many small businesses, based on a zerogrowth economy. And it is my humble opinion that a large step into the direction of changing it all is food. If we start to grow and distribute ecofriendly food on a local level we will tackle a handfull of problems at once. We stop concentrated use of resources in and polution (herbicides, pesticides) of one place, avoid transportation and long supplylines, create a healthy way of feeding ourselves, eradicate a good deal of today's healthissues directly linked to today's scrapfood and the effects of all that are like ripples in a pond after casting a stone into it...
Of course Big Aggro, Big Pharma, Big food and the oiltycoons will not like that... not at all and will use their political minions to try and stop that...

I do believe that scenes like the one shown should become commonplace.

And those options will require sacrifice too. We must let go of that unbridled consumerism we have been taught... no programmed to follow. We must learn to be content and satisfied with having a roof over our heads, clothes on our bodies, food and drink on our tables and enough means to warm our houses in winter to a comfortable, not subtropical level. Which all in all is no real sacrifice, if you look at it.
We need to relearn the old skills in order to break free from the dependence from machines and computers to do things for us, yet there is no need to abandon the current of technology either! We just need to learn to use it to our and the planets advantage, not to be enslaved by it.

There is no reason why our future can't be like this...

or even like this!
The possibilities are endless.
We have the technology!

But how to eradicate the egotistical, superficial and meaningless lifestyle most of us lead these days? How to undo the hunger for power and excessive wealth? How to tame the beast inside each and everyone of us?
When we master that, then we will truely have evolved.......

I read somewhere recently that hope is a false emotion. That it deprives one of the will to take action and hope instead. I say that that is not true. Hope will also inspire one to take action, in the belief that it will be for the better.

Many will call me an idiot idealist, but I truely feel that I owe it to myself and my children to work towards that goal in order for us all to have a future and a free and good one at that!


  1. well said, I can only agree with all you have said .


  2. Heartbreakingly true and very well written Ron

  3. according to greek mythology, "hope" was the last of human kind's woes to scape the pandora's amphora...but i also believe, it's not what you have, but what you make of it...

    on my most optimist days, i agree with almost everything you say here...
    lately I've been realizing that most people want is "a normal life", most people don't care about what is fair or moral, or that everyday people die of starvation while one third of the food produce is thrown away... pollution/resources? i know people that take the car to avoid walking for 5 minutes! regardless of the injustice and killing this "normal life" is based upon, many people want it, and they are the ones that will defend it more fiercely... new car every three years, buying food from supermarkets, design furniture, etc etc..

    while people keep voting, demanding solutions to the politicians (who coincidentally are the ones creating problems) the problems will remain. sadly, the brainwash is so deep, that we are made believe we must vote (even in some countries is mandatory!!) and most people still see the act of voting as an expression of freedom and a solution to problems...
    once i read "if voting could change anything, they would have made it illegal"

    as you said, smaller communities, were direct democracy is possible, were local problems have local solutions agreed would solve most of the problems... (in my opinion)

    let's not even get started about "free energy" and suppressed patents for alternative energies to carbon/gas/oil...

    keep the good work up

    1. Tack.
      I am familair with the voting-quote and I do agree.
      Politicians are bought and backed up by corporations to uphold the latter's interests. Nothing more, nothing less.

  4. we're screwed

    1. No, we're not.
      Only if we give up, roll over and play dead....

  5. Mooi geschreven..... En ben het met je eens. Alle crap die we produceren, maar alle technische kennis die er is... zet al die materialen en kennis niet in voor het maken van meer troep en kortetermijn-oplossingen maar maak er dingen mee die ons vooruit helpen, in plaats van dieper het moeras in. En wij is niet alleen onze generatie mensen, maar de hele wereld.

    Word zo blij als een vriendin zomaar vertrekt met haar zes kinderen, naar een biologische boerderij in frankrijk. Haar kinderen 'bestaan' niet meer voor het oog van big brother. Of als de kindjes hier in de buurt bij hun moeder gaan bedelen om een lepeltje suikerwater, als ze een zielige bij op straat zien liggen. Dat mijn buurmeisje van 10 zelf groenten kweekt. Als mijn dochter een zielige merel ziet liggen op straat, die we samen in de bosjes zetten en bewaken tot ie weer weg vliegt. Maar dan fietst er een buurvrouw voorbij en die zegt 'gatverdamme' als Lena trots vertelt over de reddingsactie. Of ik ga vandaag een eindje wandelen over de dijk en ik raap een grote plastic zak vol lege blikjes enzo uit de berm. Dan zie ik het appelboertje weer met zijn tankje gif tussen de appeltjes doorgaan om die rottige insecten te weren....

    Heb nu al bijna vijf jaar geen tv meer, en lees ook geen nieuws meer. Vind het heerlijk rustig. Trek mijn eigen plan. En verbaas me over het kuddegedrag. Ik heb wel het idee dat er steeds meer mensen twijfelen en zich er los van maken. Of het nu gaat over gezonde voeding, politiek of economie. We 'kopen' het niet meer. En dat is toch een goed teken.

    1. Ik denk ook dat er steeds meer mensen zijn die het zien, maar daarentegen ook steeds meer die de kudde volgen of zelfs bewust de ogen toeknijpen. De tweedeling wordt groter en de polarisering ook.

  6. Most of this could have been written fifty years ago and for that matter, probably was. But predicting the future has never been easy, if the weather forecasts are anything to go by.

    Some futurists tend to see the world the way Popular Mechanics does, with an airplane in the garage and a cabin cruiser out back (everyone lives just between an airfield and a canal, apparently). But none of that has ever come to pass, either.

    And you know, some folks don't even like the concept of "community," except perhaps in the virtual world.