Saturday, April 19, 2014

Some days it just all comes together...

Every once in a while you experience days where just everything alignes and just goes smoothly.
Today was such a day; bright sun, comfortable temperatures, a small campfire (the first one this year) and a bizarre tale with a twist..... which is basically why I am writing this.
It all started quite relaxed; some breakfast, a bit of fiddling around the house, looking at the plants coming up, like the 5 bits of garlic I planted last autumn as a test. They came up, all 5 of them! After lunch I headed out into the woods again to gather more firewood and while I was working I was caught by the sight of a bright yellow butterfly, happily flapping about. I enjoyed it and its very bright colour lighting up in the sun. After a while I went back to work and very soon I spotted a second one, quite close by. I looked at that one for a while too and went back to work...... Untill a third one appeared, seemingly popping up out of nowhere, just like the other 2... Now wait a minute.... Those reading here regularly know I firmly believe in stuff like totemanimals, messengers and such and these encounters rung a bell, deep down in back of my head.... And in my mind I asked the still closeby flapping butterfly, if it was there with a message.... and if it might be time to start talking serious business with a certain person... and seemingly out of thin air another one appeared next to the other! I was a bit baffled... I put down the axe and took a short break.
Shortly afterwards my wife and daughters showed up to see how I was doing and I told her the story, while the girls were running around. She gave me a meaningfull look. After they had left I sat down for a while, thinking about what had happened and I was disturbed in my thoughts when my oldest daughter came back on her bicycle. She stayed with me or near me for the rest of the afternoon and not a single butterfly came near me. They seemed to seek her out though and she came to me telling me the butterflies seemed to appear out of thin air! I must have looked at her funny, judging by her "What?"-reaction.
At the end of the afternoon, when I got tired, we packed up, hopped on our bicyles and headed home. As we approached the main road, we heard someone honking his cars horn behind us. That could only be one person, since only he lives on this road. Yep, the one I should talk to about some serious business. For some reason I told my daughter to stop at the crossroads and we waited for him. We talked a while and I asked him how things were going at the greenhouse. He told me the seeds were sprouting and we should maybe plan a little ahead. I then asked him when I should join him and his wife at the greenhouse again and he quite bluntly replied:" As far as I am concerned I would not mind you taking over the whole thing......"

I was perplexed!

And when I told my wife she was slightly less surprised....
After dinner we lit a fire and sat around, talked a little, had some coffee, the kids ran around having fun and at the end we created a house on fire... by putting an old birdhouse on the fire. Created quite a spectacular sight, but the best part of a fire to me, is the way it enables the mind to roam free, thinking your thoughts and then empty your head. Could use that after a day like this... Sitting by the fire, hearing the sound of the storlom/loon echoing across the lakes and then, all of a sudden, there was the characteristic sound of an enkelbeckasin (Gallinago gallinago). Saw its silhouette against the darkening sky, too.


What more have I been up to?
Not really much actually. Like I said we have been sowing seeds and I have been busy gathering and cutting wood. I was allowed to use a woodcuttingmachine, which actually cuts the wood, it doesn't saw it!
You can shove in a 30cm thick birchtree and the machine cuts it, like a pair of pliers! Frightfull amount of force!
The good thing of gathering wood is that you see and experience a lot of things, that are happening at this time. You see nature waking up all around you, since you spend quite a bit of time in one place and get to see it in detail. One of the details I saw today, was my first sighting of the only venomous snale in Sweden; the huggorm. My daughter almost stepped on one, which was lying in the sun and after she had left, I studied it in peace. Beautiful animal; dark grey with black diamonds on the back. Saw the first honeybee of the season too! One of the best parts of spring is seeing the many migratingbirds coming back. Last week 3 species over 1 night! 
Other than that I am filling my days with meetings regarding our professional future, gathering info and such and (re)reading a lot of plantrelated books. Much of what was thought to be lost, is slowly coming back.


  1. Nothing better than when you have a day when everything goes smoothly. A nice productive day, with fire at the end of it that lets you relax.