Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The last day of winter!

This was supposed to be a great write up about the last day of winter with lots of outside pictures of frost and snow and white awesomeness, but......
That did not happen, allthough untill last night I was actually planning on it. But then, later that night and this morning all sorts of reasons and excuses stated to pop up not to go. One of those reasons is that it actually is my son's birthday today. He turns 13, so I am now officially the father of a teenager and officially and old nag.
But the real reason actually is that I want winter to be over. I do not want to frolic around in the snow anymore and I do not want the cold to last. I want it gone! Spring is all around us and we had a good deal of it last week, before Jack Frost launched his final offensive bombarding us with loads of snow and dropping temperatures. So no real reason to enjoy it any longer. Than why the last day of winter? Because today is the last day that temperatures will remain below freezing all day and we are expecting a load of snow... again. Up to 10cm of it. However it was not nearly as cold as predicted. The -16C was altered into a -9 to -10, but the thermometer never sank below -7.
But spring is forecast to be back by the weekend! And it looks like it will stay here after that.

Another reason is that due to the seasonal change I feel fatigued and a bit devoid of energy and vitality. Happens every year, but thankfully it is not nearly as bad as it used to be. I did not suffer from mental depressions or anything, but I still do feel it fysically. My batteries need more than just a few days of solar recharging. Yet I am also urgeing to get going again. I want to go out and work in the garden... actually more than I want to go out into the woods.

So spent the day doing some chores, looking at the birds and seeing more and more species returning. This week we could add the stare (Sturnus vulgaris) , the bofink (Fringilla coelebs) and we saw a small, brown bird of prey swooping through the garden and in between the trees. Judging by the description it could have been a stenfalk (Falco columbarius), but we can not confirm that.... yet.
The image to the left comes from and depicts the shape, size and colour quite good to the upper right.
During a brief and unexpectedly warm period yesterday afternoon, while sitting on out balcony, we heard the duvhök calling again and it received and answer from quite a distance away! I guess from the other side of the lake.

I hope that the returning sun and higher temperatures not only will boost my will to do gardenwork, but also provide me with power to shorten my very long projectlist. I made a "short" inventory of all the things I have been working on, planned and lying around. Having my mancave, a "place of my own", where everything gets dumped into, while passing it, does not really help to keep things organised and create a fun workingplace either. I myself am guilty of that too....

And to give this vaguely outdoorsrelated post at least a little significance I'll add a touch of gear and want to show you our latest acquisition; a set of steelstrikers!
Our blacksmithing friend Erik Vargtand at Svartkonst made them for us. It was a learning experience for him too, since these are his first. We gave him a picture of what we would like to have, but other than that we left it up to him. He came up with this design, which holds a little twist; a bottleopener at one end! He also personalised them by punching in my wife's and my name. It is a unique and matching set.
My wife won a 500kr cheque last year during an event, that's called Konstspaning, where local artists open their workplaces to the general public and show their work. With that cheque you could pay anyone of those artists and we chose to ask him. This way we could at least support a local artist and craftsman.
Tack Erik!!

So you might ask yourself ;"What the hell have you been doing??" So do I....
Well, I've been reading a lot. After I finished Jean. M. Auel's Earth's Children series in English the previous winter, I got myself the Swedish-version too. At least part 1-5 and that was good for 3300 pages of readingmaterial in a foreign language.... It does take it's time, but it does boost my knowledge and understanding of the language as well. There'll be a review on the series soon as well as on other books I have been sinking my teeth in..
I know I promissed that before, so I better keep it this time!

And it's still snowing.....

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