Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring is here!!

This morning we got the final confirmation by a passing flock of cranes over oue house; spring is here!!
And with them they brought the sun and warmth!
we had a very sunny day today and temperatures rose to above 10C.

The signs have been all around us and quite visible for a few weeks now.
We saw a woodpigeon on very rainy, cold and miserable thursday, februari 21st, male blackbirds a few days later, a couple of swans on the first day of marchand the last week we heard and saw geese.
The snowdrops started blooming on march 4th, followed by crosuses 2 days later. But in between, on februari 21st, Jack Frost flexed his muscles one last time by dumping a good 20cm of thick, heavy, wet snow on us, followed by a good thaw the next day and a strange sunset through the clouds, casting the world in a saturated, deep reddish pink light. very surreal!
And as an encore we were visited by a large group of sidensvansar (Bohemian waxwings or Bombycilla garrulus) You can actually hear the group moving!
The first day of gardeningwork is a fact too and so is the reminder that the body slips out of shape after a "winter" of inactivity.
Yesterday I also had the pleasure of meeting the couple that used to keep bees and grow herbs and medicinal plants on a commercial basis and it turned out that we do have quite a lot in common. It was quite a pleasant meeting and when we left, both my wife and I had the strange feeling that they had been probing and reaching out to see if there would be possibilities for a future cooperation in said fields. I also left with the assurance that I'd be welcome to come over and tag along and learn about it all, when the season starts in about 4 weeks.
All in all very interesting and exciting times!

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