Friday, January 24, 2014

studying animals...

For my Bettybuild I needed information in how to depict the animals I wanted to use. I was mostly looking for what colours they would have, but also how they looked, how they were shaped etc.
So in doing a little research into that I ended up researching the animals themselves and learning a great deal about them!
I learned how different their furcoats were and looked when comparing summer to winter, how they moved, ate and lived. I learned a bit about how they behaved and above all how individual and unique they are! It is also a great excuse for bombarding you with animalpictures!

I will not go into all the details, but I just wanted to share a handfull of pictures I came across when browsing the web.... I hope you'll enjoy the pictures as much as I did!

First the moose...
Don't know why, but an image like this does not leave me untouched..
or this one....älgjakt
Have you noticed the brightness and texture of the antlers?

the wolf...
a great variety in colours
The image as often protrayed in the media and by many a hunter or farmer..
There is un unbelievable and incomprehencible hatred against this animal around here...
I wonder why....
This side is seldom shown
To me sheer beauty.
The embodyment, next to the moose and bear, of northern wilderness.
the bear...
Looks like trouble might be coming your way..

the fox...

A classical image
in summer
and in winter 
a very good study of the head in profile you will smile, too...

Ormvråk(buteo buteo)
Colourfull, even for a bird of prey.

the owl....
Dalarnas regional icon; the berguv (bubo bubo)

very interesting plumage!

You do not want to mess around with this fellow!
the beaver

Shall I go for a redhead?
Or hall I go for a brunette?

ooww... tough luck!

and there'll be a handfull of other small animals around, but I'll get to that when the time comes...

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  1. Beautiful pics you've found. Thanks for sharing!