Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bushcraft Betty progress

Bushcraft Betty work in progress;
So far Betty has received;
a t-shirt,
a boobjob,
a pair of hikingboots,
a pair of pants, which will be a swedish m59 pair of pants,
a belt with buckle,
a backpack, and you might recognise the type
a pair of binoculairs,
a compass
a knife and sheath

The build
Betty; based on my idea she needed to get dressed, meaning a pair of pants and a t-shirt at least. So I started with giving her a decent pair of hikingboots. For the t-shirt I filled up and leveled the tanktopedges. Judging by the drawings she needed to have an increased...... personal appearance too. Which I gave here...
After the boots had hardened I made the pants, based on the m59 armypants, complete with anklestraps. I made a belt with buckle and made some pockets, which I ended up glueing in the wrong place! I guess my preferences showed themselves a little...
Equipment; I wanted her to have a backpack, knife and other outdoorthings, but wanted to add a swedish feel to it all. So I went for a backpack that resembles my old Haglöfs, a sort-of-Silva compass and the knife is a Mora lookalike. Which I carved from a toothpick and it can be taken out of the sheath. Is that bad??
The backpack is based upon a woodblock, carved to shape, covered in putty. I made a frame of telephonewire, straps and belts from foil. Same goes for the flaps. I added front- and sidepockets from epoxyputty.
The binoculairs are made from 2 pieces of lollypopsticks with toothpick eye- and centrepieces. The compass is made out of a rectangular and a circular piece of transparent plastic, glued together with lines scribbed into them. I also added a dark yellow rope, since one sees those quite regularly here too.

A rough impression of the final layout;

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