Sunday, October 20, 2013

More food for thought

I have been writing about food before and I'll be doing it again....
                                                                                            and again....
                                                                                                           and again....

I mentioned in a previous post that large industries are trying to claim plantspecies as their own, claim that water is not an every man's right, but should be commercially exploited, that companies genetically alter our food and that politicians do their master's bidding by creating laws that stop or at least make it harder for people to fend for themselves. Here and here.
I find many sources showing, exposing and uncovering the dirty laundry our "leaders" want to keep hidden. The Worldwide money scam, bio engineering in all its forms (monsanto & Co. ring any bells?), 10 methods of mind control on every level and by all means available.... And, more often than not, it seems that the defenders of the old ways are somehow related to either government or large corporations and those opposing it are individuals, who put info and facts together to make up their own picture and mind and spread the word. This pattern is appearent on every critical subject in our world and society and is becoming more and more widespread.
Right here in Sweden there is a foodrevolution going on, where honest vs fake food and true vs false information about that, is in all the media every single day. Two sources who make themselves quite heard are kostdoktorn and Matfusket. More and more people here are waking up and seeing that what we have been told and taught all these years ins't necesserally always true and good! More and more people are actively taking part in this debat and claiming real, honest food and information, dismissing the large scale official propaganda.

And now that we ourselves have been busy producing, receiving, buying and processing local foods it all made sense to me. I now know why those "big boys" are so scared of people asking questions, looking for and finding answers, fending for themselves, why they do not want us to do that and why they'll do anything in order to prevent us from doing that!

It will simply take away their power and control over us commoners!!
It will end their rule!!

And it is quite easy to make the first step.
Buy local, buy ecological if possible, but support local farmers and smallscale foodproducers.
Grow your own, if possible. And instead of using money; trade! Create a local foodsystem.
The easiest way for us?
Instead of having a concrete backyard like I know many use to have, where I come from, have a green and living one, even if you think you are to tired or to busy for that. It'll revive you, just by being there and you automatically will start taking care of that little green patch.
Throw out those rhodondendrons that only bloom once a year, for a very short period and plant berrybushes, that bloom, attract life and give you free food. Instead of having decorative plants, have a vegetable garden or even blend the two. Why have coniferous trees if you can have fruittrees instead? Not only will the latter provide you with healthy fruit, but it'll also help the native birds and insects. It's also a much more interesting tree, giving you the thrill of budding leaves and blossoms in spring, shade in summer, fruit and colouring autumleaves in autumn.
But it will take some time and effort...

Now this is the part where the "Yeah, but..."s come in.
Yeah, but I haven't got the time......
Turn off your damn tv or iphone for half an hour a day and you'll have all the time you need! Too tired? I promiss you that half an hour spent in your garden will cure a great deal of your officestress and -fatigue.
Yeah, but I haven't got the money....... 
The most expensive bag of ecological saladseeds you can find will set you back for about €2, but you'll be eating fresh salad all through summer for practically everyday untill you're sick of it! A head of lettuce will cost you about €1 in the supermarket. Same goes for carrots, beets and other easy crops.
And if you show interest in this, you'll meet other people who share that interest and they are often more then willing to not just share the interest, but also excess seed, knowledge or even tools! Good for your wallet, body and social life. (Here's where some of the real social networking takes place. Better then those socalled "social" media)
Yeah, but I do not have a garden....
You can grow crops ANYWHERE! In the soil, in pots, in a rented patch of vegetablegarden or on your balcony. You can even have lettuce on a windowsill!
Yeah, but I do not have green fingers....
Utter nonsense! No one has at first! But if you are interested, you'll learn.
But it will take time and effort!

Unfortunately there is a large group of people for whom this writing is not meant; the no-brain couchpotato. Those people that are to lazy, to dumb or to preoccupied with the latest, greatest, fashionable thingies or simply just do not care. Those tv (or any other screen) junkies that believe and do anything they're told to... The socalled "sheeple".
However I do think that there is a portion within that group that just needs a wake upcall. And if messages like this one will be send out often enough, then some of those people will be reached, get triggered and start searching and exploring for themselves and will flee from the herd. Those that do not...... Well, let's just say that they brought onto themselves what ever happens to them and they probably still claim it's all just a conspiracy theory. I personally do not feel sorry for them....

If you look around you'll see more and more people waking up, showing their ideas, their solutions, but also often their fight. Those in power also show their true face more and more and resort to more and more extreme or violent measures. More and more the vile truth is showing it's ugly face and the respons in order to keep this face hidden is more desperate. more determined and more forcefully empowered.

I am convinced that we, as a species and as a world as a whole, are facing a turning point, a crucial moment in our existence and I, for one, have chosen my side.


  1. de manier waarop je een beetje lijkt te radicaliseren vind ik prachtig.
    kan je een beetje radicaliseren?
    anyhow, eens!

    1. Radicaal? Hoezo?
      Dit is wat de mensen 75 jaar geleden nog heel normaal vonden. Dit is wat mijn grootouders deden en dit is wat ik mijn kinderen ga leren. En ik denk dat het zelfs nog erger is dan ik geschetst heb. Helaas.
      We hebben geen "verse" kiwis uit Australië nodig, geen bio-industriële kippen uit China en geen GMO-maïs uit de States. Allemaal overbodige luxe en ongewenste commerciële praktijken.

    2. Ik ging er vanuit dat je me wel zou snappen... ik ben het bijna volledig (helemaal eens is zo saai ;)) met je eens wat dat betreft!

      Drukte me wellicht verkeerd uit, ik vind het geweldig om je posts hierover te lezen want je hebt gewoon gelijk. Het is meer in de ogen van anderen, die het heel bizar vinden als je liever een beetje van dichter bij huis eet, iets repareert in plaats van wegpleurt, groenten in plaats van palmbomen of een soort grafstenen in je tuin zet ect.

      De manier waarop je het onder woorden brengt en je uitspreekt tegen de huidige manier van doen, vind ik mooi.

      zo beter? ;)


    3. -> en het viel me gewoon op dat je op een andere manier bent gaan schrijven, en over andere dingen bent gaan schrijven... vandaar.

    4. Hej Valhalla
      Ik snap je wel, maar vond de term "radicaliseren" ietwat.... hoe zeg je dat.. beladen. krijg daar zo'n hoofddoek/geitenbaardplaatje bij. ;)
      Dank je voor de complimenten aangaande schrijfstijl en thema's. Je hebt gelijk, ik heb niet alleen thema's zoals boswandelingen, kamperen of bloementjes plukken. En een andere manier? Ik zie eigenlijk niet hoe. Ik schrijf meer met m'n hart dan met m'n hoofd, dus mijn gesteldheid en passie zullen wel in de posts weerspiegeld worden.
      Ennieweej, tack så mycket voor je inbreng!! Waardeer ik zeer.

    5. Ja verdorie, typ ik een verhaal over thuiskomen en op je plek zitten en geitenwollenhoofddoekjes, wordt mijn post weer niet weergegeven? Stomme wordpress hatend blogger account en vice versa! *ditiseentest*

  2. Hear hear. One of the reasons we want to come to Sweden and be free. Free to do what we want, grow what we want and flipping the bird to those so called big players.

    1. No need to come to Sweden for that. You can do this anywhere! But I agree, there's more room here.

  3. Fantastic advice, Ron! Next year, we will have our first real garden at the old cabin. Can't wait! :)


  4. That sounds really promissing!

  5. juist, terug naar de basis! Ik ga de gemeente bellen of ze wat appel- en perenbomen willen plaatsen in de straat.:) Thanxs for the reminders Ron

  6. Ja, precies. Ik vond je blog omdat ik iets zocht en bij bushcraftforum kwam, en toen schreef je over wat jullie deden en gingen doen...en later vond ik je blog weer terug via een kennis uit falun... en nu komen de woorden zo recht uit je ziel.

    Het lijkt alsof je niet bent verhuisd maar ondanks de moeilijke periodes- vooral bent thuisgekomen en nu vrijer schrijft.

    Ja sorry voor dat r-woord, beeeeeh*. In de ogen van de buitenwereld is het allemaal heel bizar, terwijl als je zelf bezig bent met een andere manier van leven, je dit helemaal niet opvalt. En mij irriteert het me ook wel eens als mensen denken me te kennen door een paar stukjes uit de mouw geschudde tekst en op basis daarvan denken te weten hoe ik ben, maar wat je nu schrijft, lijkt zo uit je hoofd op je toetsenbord te vallen en dat is gewoon mooi om te lezen

    -> ik klikte te snel weg, je hebt de kronkelwoorden nog aanstaan. mijn post stond nog onder de control+v.

  7. Misschien ook interessant voor je: