Sunday, October 13, 2013

Investments for winter

We have been investing a part of our resources in things for coming winter. One of the most important things is keeping warm feet! I remember the trouble I had with that last winter, so in order not to go through that again, we bought woolsocks. That will cost you for a family of five, but we feel that that is absolutely worth that and thus necessary. We all have at least one pair of thin socks and 2 pair of thick ones. For myself I also bought 2 pairs of woolen ex-Swedish army footwraps. I've read quit some good comments on those, so I want to experiment and experience that myself. They came dirtcheap, by the way.

Over the past summer I also bought some other stuff. A pair of sticks that go with my old fashioned skis! Set me back a whopping 60kr. It is not just for show or use, but also to serve as a on hand example of how to make things like that myself. It is fine to have a picture and a description in a book, but having a real example in your hands makes it a lot easier, at least for me.

I just love the simplicity of this construction; thin twigs (or in this case bamboo) bend in a circle, tied together with leather straps and belts, fixed to a metal ring, pinned to the stick end...

Another item I wante to have for this winter was a sled to learn and train hauling a heavy load, like a tent, stove and sleepingsystem. Instead of going for the 2 meter armysled or pulka, I went for the dogversion. I figured that would be large enough for me to begin with, but also keeping the future purchase of a dog in the back of the mind. We do not just want a petdog, but one that loves to work and be usefull, too.                                 I got this one for 250kr, but it is in need of a few repairs, such as the edge of the, unfortunately nylon, cover and the front connectingsystem with pullingrod. The back needs some work too, but it is pretty much good to go otherwise. It is a wooden sled with bronze strips screwed to the outer ribs left and right and as I was taking pictures of it today, I saw it was a segelbadenpulka, dating back to the days that these were locally made! Säter is 25km away from here...


  1. Yeah! Nice skis and pulk! You should be nicely ready for our winter meetup when the time comes. :)


  2. First I need to fix and tar them.
    Looking forward to let you have a try with them, too! ;)