Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Winds of change.

There has been a wind of change here, these last few days/weeks.

First of all I have become a "farmboy", helping with the potatoeharvest. It is a whole new area of work for me and I've learned a great deal about the part of agriculture or agriculture in general. I also learned to drive well enough to handle a tractor with loaded lorry with confidence.

It is wonderfull, being outside all day, looking at the land whenever I have a moment time, looking at it in wonder, suddenly realising I do that with a true and genuine affection for it. I see it's rolling hills, its richness in colour, shape and pattern. I see many birds gathering in ever increasing numbers; cranes, geese and lapwings. They are foraging on the freshly harvested fields, fueling up for the long journey ahead. And whereever there are birds, there are birds of prey, so I see and hear plenty of those too.

On my way to work in the morning....

And today I noticed a profound change in the air; the warmth of summer has gone and gave way to the chills of autumn. It is still warm in the sun, but the air itself has lost its warmth.

Yesterdayevening however came another, and totally unexpected, change for me personally; I HAVE A JOB!!
I'll be working fulltime in a restaurant, called; "Vardagsrummet bar & café".

Actually I was preparing for another challenge; a similar job in Kiruna. That would have meant spending the winter above the artic circle, all alone in a cabin, since it would be 1200km to the north of where I live now. Working for 12 days there and being home for 9, leaving my family to fend for themselves.....
Luckily the owner of that place is the owner of the Vardagsrummet too and that is situated a mere 30km's from here.... and he was more interested in me working there. I am glad I will be home with my family, but I must admit that the challenges of being on my own in the circumstances mentioned triggered my liking for adventure too.


  1. Great news Ron!
    I am very happy for you.

  2. Congrats, Ron! So glad to hear it. I knew something would come up. :)


  3. Thanks Matt!
    Well, it was bound to.... some day....