Sunday, September 1, 2013

Investing in the future

Since I managed to get a bit of work like fixing a wooden fence and helping with the potatoharvest, I was able to make some purchases, both for the future and also to learn from and use. Having lived on a small budget has made me a master in hunting for bargains..... So I found some wonderfull things for very small prices. ;)
It's a crummy picture, but that's all I have right now.
Some of the larger purchases are real investments. I bought a woodstove for the kitchen and an antique hand- and footoperated sewingmachine. I also have a footpowered woodturning machine, that needs a bit of work to make it working.
The stove is a 1950's Husqvarna, enamelled in a soft yellow, which happens to be the colour we have all other kitchenaccessoires in as well. It has room for 3 pots, pans or kettles, has an oven and a hotwaterreservoir too. It weighs about 200kg, so it was a bit of a chore to get it here, on a trailer and off. Now all we need to do is get it up here (and I allready dread the thought) and get it installed....
The sewingmachine is a 1943 husqvarna, complete with accessoires, manuals and even warrantycertificate! No more irritation behind our "modern" sewingmachine, that has a tendency to eat the thread, than spit it out all at once or make a mess out of thread and cloth, creating the most bizare knots... It also has the tendency to go wayyy to fast... or not at all, without inbetweens.
This one should be able to handle even leather and canvas, which the modern one most certainly can not, and you can control the speed yourself. It is also very silent. It's weakness might be the drivingbelt, so I should start to look out for a replacement already.


  1. Lovely stove Ron! Wish I had room to fit one my self (and convince my wife that it is a good idea).
    Love the sewing machine to. It shouldn't be to hard to find a new belt. You can still get new parts for Singer machines produced in the lare 1800's. My guess is that a belt for a Singer machine would fit just fine.

  2. I love how you're filling your house with great stuff like this, Ron! Attractive, traditional and functional! I'm really looking forward to visiting you in Sweden. :D


  3. Holds your horses, cowboy!
    So far only the sewingmachine has been "installed"... ;)