Sunday, September 15, 2013

Friday the 13th - Christmas came early this year.....

No, I have not lost my mind..... ;)

As they say ;" All good things come in pairs".
Well, I certainly had a few pairs, lately! You probably read about a few of those already. The most recent one was me getting a job. To complete that into a pair, here's the latest good thing; a footoperated woodlathe! It's an oldy, maybe even antique. Don't know and really don't care. It works.... sort of.

With that lathe comes a little story I'd like to share.
By now you all know that my economical situation wasn't the most peachy one, but I still like to browse through online salessites like I happened to come across someone advertising with this lathe, asking for a bid. I had no clue as to its value or state, so I contacted the seller through email.
the original ad-picture
We mailed a bit to and fro and I told here that I was very interested in the lathe in order to use it, not as an ornament, but really use it as it was intended. She was very pleased with that, because otherwise the lathe would just be an exibit at the local historymuseum. The lathe was on sale in a town, some 70km away.
Just when I was about to offer a bid, the financial demon reared its ugly head again and bit me in the butt..... No spare cash for the lathe available! We actually had depleted our resources with the furnace and sewingmachine, which I deemed more desirable and necessary.

So with a heavy heart I mailed her again and told her the deal was off and explained why.
A day or 2 nothing happened, but then I got an email from her. She wanted me to have the lathe anyway, for free, since she thought it would be great if the lathe would be used and she felt that it would in place with us! I was blown away.....
So last friday, the 13th, my wife squeezed out some time and gas for the 145km v.v. trip and went to get the lathe, while I was working. And now it is standing here in our shed; rusty, dusty, a bit beat up, but in working order.... apart from the drivebelt for the large wheel. That needs to be replaced.
I felt, and still do, like a kid on christmasmorning, opening a present and finding that long wished for gift. Allthough I can not quite decide which gift I cherish more; the lathe itself or the generosity of some complete strangers, adding this little extra to my life and filling my heart with joy.
Whatever it may be, I already decided that, once I have the lathe patched up and running, the first item I will make, will be sent to them.

spindel and smaal drivingwheel

large wheel and counterweight

footpedal and drivingmechanism


  1. Seeing it back in use later is better than getting a few kroner for it and let it collect dust in a corner or become a stand for potted plants or something terrible.

    But it is really sweet you could have it for free :D

  2. It sure is and I will enjoy using it!

  3. Nice, Ron. Looking forward to your future lathing projects. :)