Monday, August 5, 2013

Birds, birds, birds.... and other stuff.

Last week we had quite a few spectacles to witness regarding birds.
Last friday we were about to set of on a daytrip, when my oldest daughter called us and showed us a large group of gliding birds she had spotted over our house. More than a dozen or so larger birds circled over our house; most of them were brown, but a few were light, even almost white. They were gliding, not flapping and their size too suggested that these were birds of prey. Everything suggested that they were ormvråk (buteao buteo), but it is way to early for them to build flocks. They're supposed to do that prior to migration in autumn..... I don't understand.... yet.
We also saw massive amounts of what seemed to be kaja (Corvus monedula). They had gathered over a few farms and the flock was huge; a guestimate of several hundred. It was a moving cloud. What made them gather in such numbers? I saw larger groups around farmsites. Of course, there's food, but these numbers? Reminded me of Hitchcock's movie "The birds".
Over our house a large group of ladusvala (Hirundo rustica) gather and their constant chattering always brings a smile to my face. Sitting on the steps in front of the house, sipping coffe I wonder what they are saying to one another.... I watch them use their flyingskills to hunt for the many flying bugs we see between the trees in the setting sun, their bellies regularly flashing as the sun gets reflected and I am amazed at how perfectly created and adapted they are....  ladusvala talk...

There was yet another bird intrigueing me all week. I could hear it all the time, but it kept eluding me.... It was fast, it was low and it was mostly just below the treetops.... untill I got a glimpse of it. It was a bright copperish brown. That and it's call made it perfectly clear what I was dealing with; a juvenile duvhök.... right in our backyard!
Accipiter gentilis mp3 (source;

source; wikipedia

Good for birdspotting, not so good for future chickenholdingplans!
I could not catch it on camera, not even on my "new" one. I had to buy another camera. The old one is failing more and more, so we bought another compact secondhand camera. One evening I actually got onto the roof of the house (well, to be honest I do that more often. Great view and you sit right between the swallows). I heard the bird call again, but didn't see it. The sun was setting and cast an almost magical light between the trees, highlighting the flyingbugs and birds....

The summer continues to be warm and sunny, so what do you do?
Right, you go up onto a very hot attict and drag down a lot of unknown, old and left behind furniture... But is was so worth it! We knew there was an older sofa, some old foldable guestbeds and such, but were we in for a surprise... or two. The first thing we dragged down was the sofa. It was disassembled, so we started reassembling it....
It turned from this......

to this.... 
A 1950's or '60's vintage, perfectly useable 2 person sleepingsofa!

And the old foldable beds......were the same vintage!
And exactly my "cup of tea"!

Wooden frame, steel fittings, jute bottom, cotton matrasses with coconutfibrefilling...

There's a maker's stamp on them too
Bröder Johansson &Co.
Turistsängen Tor

According to an auctionsite (, these beds are from the 1920's or '30's!

After this heartwarming discovery, we put everything back onto the attic, thinking about wht to do with it all. We try to keep our heads cool in one of the lakes. Our son knew how to swim, but he turned out to be not that much of a waterlover. He takes a dip or 2, but that's it. Our youngest daughter has overcome her fear of water and easily "swims" around with us, even when her feet loose contact with the lakebottom. A pair of inflatable armfloaters keep her up, but she's getting the hang of proper swimmingmoves. She no longer swims like a dog.... or cat, as  she calls it.
But the biggest progress comes from our oldest daughter; from a no-swimmer to a 200 meter nonstop swimmer in less then 1 month. And on top of that... she fearlessly jumps off a 3 meter high divingplatform too!

So what does any decent dad do???
Right, go after her....

The fact that I lost 5kg's since I stopped using sugar makes the whole enterprise look more or less decent, too. below all that flabby fluffyness there was actually some muscle hidden too!

And after a cold dip what is better then drying up in the warm sun, while reading......... A snow walker's companion!

Not that there's anything really wrong with me...... Is there?

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  1. Nice post Ron.
    My daugther can also sit still and watch butterflies the whole day. Or ants, or dragonflies, or beetles or any other insect she might find crawling around.