Saturday, August 31, 2013

A salvaging operation or "lucky me!"

Last week, while I was working on a wooden fence, surrounding an appartmentblock, I had to wait a while untill the batteries of the screwdriver had recharged. To pass that time meaningfully I started cleaning up a stored inventory of someone who had left suddenly without paying his rent. What was left inside the appartment was confiscated and stored, but it looked much more like a pile of garbage then anything else.
I started going through the stacked boxes and bags, in order to sort out the junk, making piles of paper, plastic, metal etc, so it would be easier later on to dispose of it.
Much of it indeed was just garbage, but I also found some useable items. I was told that whatever I wanted I could take, since it was all destined for the garbagedump anyway.....
So here's my loot for a few hours of work, apart from the pay of course....
a woolen blanket

a collection of old and/or usefull tools and toolbox

antique tools

Look at that pattern!
I wanted it if it was even onlöy for decorational purposes!

an antique coffeegrinder and an eskilstuna knife,
similar to a Mora scout, but suitable for an adulthand, meaning bigger and beefier.

a small chest made of woven woodstrips
And all of it fully operational! Maybe some knicks here and there, but in good shape.

I'd really hate to see stuff like that ending up on a dump!

A substantial load of garbage and paper/cardboard ended up in the appropriate containers.....


  1. The saw might be worth restoring...
    I have seen a few tutorials on the net about how to file and wick (?) old saws.
    I'll post ome links if I can find them.

  2. Here's one..:

  3. Thanks Odd!
    I'll have some sawsetting- and filingresearch and- learning to do.

  4. Wow! What a great haul to get for free. :) So many great and useful items.