Friday, June 14, 2013

The summerholidays have begun!!

And we celebrated that with our first real outdoorcooking. That meant the standardrecipe.... allthough that actually never is the same. It is a global mix of beans, pepers, bacon, minced meat, corn, garlic, various vegetables and spices and anything else I come up with.
During this "exercise" Is was reminded of a couple of things.
One; stiring in and balancing a heavy, fully laden dutch oven with lid is not easy. Taking this load off the hook is not easy either, but makes stiring easier. I also remembered that There were some adjustments I had planned for the steel tripod. To lower the DO I have to spread the legs, making them stand out much more, making tripping over them a lot more likely. I will have to make the chain longer, so I can alter the hight of the DO or kettle over the fire. There is a small arm on the top. What it's purpose is, is unclear to me, but if I bend it into a hook I can hook up the chain there. I also need to bend a small notch in the middle of the DO handle, so it is less likely to slip out of balance and tip over.

We have a cat that actually is NOT afraid of fire.
At first I thought it might be the food, but even afterwards he  went and came and lay right next to the fireplace.

Offcourse this also meant marshmellows (yeerrgghh) and campcoffee (good!)
 While we were sitting there, having coffee (and a beer) after dinner, I remembered another thing I had on my to-do-list for a while; make charcloth. So I grabbed the tin, filled with leftover pieces from the canvas tenthalf I reworked (yes, it was that long ago), punched a hole in the lid and let it smoke...

The results look promissing!

Today I have been busy packing for my final trip with the scoutgroup. I had promissed to come along befor I announced I'd leave.... So again 3 backpacks had to be packed and we're ready to go. For me only a weekend, for my kids from saturday till tuesday evening....

Have a good weekend y'all!!


  1. That stew looks delicious!
    We're just back from a weeks vacation at Tanumstrand in Bohuslän, which also included a visit at the bronze age museum in Vitlycke just outside Tanumshede. Very interesting place, but unfortunately we were a bit early in the season, so there was not much activity in the bronze age village. But I got my self another fire steel from the museum shop, and with the few pieces of flint me and my daughter found on the shore we made sparks fly:-) My daughter thought it was fantastic that we could make fireworks only with a piece of steel an a rock.
    The museum is absolutely worth a visit.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Odd.
    Isn't the Elverummuseum in Norway closer to you?
    I have been wanting to get a good, classislooking steelstriker myself for a while now, but your comment and the weekend woodsman's post on flint & steel made it even worse.....

  3. Looks yummy, Ron! Good to see you enjoying summer with the family.

    You must be a real expert as using Dutch ovens, being from NL and all. ;)

    1. hahaha... An expert? Far from! I have only just begun to learn about outdoorcooking in general. But haven't had complaints so far.
      My knowledge about the Dutch oven and its history is this one;

  4. Yes, the Norsk Skogmuseum in Elverum is about 1 hour drive from where I live now.
    It is absolutely worth a visit to. Even though it is extremely crovded at times, I would recommend the annual Nordic Huntig and Fishing fair in august:
    It is not only hunting and fishing, but also history and craftmanship.
    If you look at the map, and follow the river glomma about 100km north of Elverum, you find a small place called Koppang, which is where I grew up.

  5. Food looks great and so does the char cloth!

    1. Thanks Peter. I hope it'll work.

  6. Hope you and the kids had fun in lovely Sweden :)