Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mosquitorepellents tested and compared or at least tried and experienced!

Previously I used Care Plus, which contains 50% DEET, bought in Holland, befor going on vacation to Scandinavia. At home I had no problems with the little bloodsuckers, but up north they had a different taste in blood. The stuff didn't work, apart from the fact that it is a nasty mix of toxic chemicals. Bad for you and bad for the world around you! Try some googling if you want to know more... The good thing is that it is a fantastic firestarter! Lights up without a problem and dissolves or damages some plastics, too.
So I had to find something else. We purchased a bottle of socalled djungelolja.
Personally I wasn't exactly overwhelmed by its success, still resulting in being bitten, even after we (especially the Mss.) applied it, but it still far outclasses the previous repellent. It works for our kids, allthough I see to it that it is used sparingly!
The cautions that come with this product is that it is not suitable for young children and that frequent and/or prolonged use are prohibited. It can damage to plastics and it is chemical, but the funny thing is that I can not find any specifics on this repellent, apart from a mentioned 20% DEET.

I have since then been looking for an all natural version of insectrepellent and, by chance, found someting on the BCUK-forum; Wilma's Nordic Summer.
The main ingredient seems to be taroil, which is a 100% natural ingredient. It is a small tin, filled with an darkbrown, powerfully smelling paste. As far as I can tell the stuff works. It works so well, that it even keeps people at a distance... The smell is that powerfull to some. Personally I like the heavy, smokey smell. Problem is that it stays with you even after a shower. Another downside is that the tin is hard to open, since the lid is quite flat and fits tightly. The paste tends to get in between the tin and lid and because of its flatness it is difficult to properly grab it. Finally WNS tends to leave dar(er) stains on skin and clothes, but these are removable with washing. For more in depth experiences, check out my earlier walkaroundposts.
So my search for a working and socially acceptable insectrepellent continued. Again BCUK brought the answer. One of the members, a person named Woodstock, asked for volunteers to test this new, all-natural mosquitorepellent, here. They guaranteed it was 100% natural. I volunteered and received a tin. It came in a small, unmarked metal tin with screwcap. The ingredients are unknown to me, but in appearance it resembles WNS, has a smell that reminds me of it too, but also contains something citruslike.
I tried Woodstock's repellent during a weekendscouthike, for real.
We went paddling all weekend and spent the night on an island. There were loads of the little bloodsuckers over there, but during the day I had no problems with them. I applied the repellent on the exposed skin, face, ears, neck, lower arms and hands. I actually saw the mosquitos back away from hands and lower arms after having launched an "attack"! During the night I did get bitten and even regular appliquations to the face, more precisely the nose, eyebrows and eyelids, did not deter the little buggers, allthough I did not sustain a single bite in those areas. hands and arms were attacked, but I did not apply the repellent after hitting the sack, only befor.
For me this repellent at least equals Wilma's Nordic Summer, but it is more socially acceptable! It doesn't smell nearly as much and it does not leave those dark smears like Nordic Summer, but that could also mean I applied it more sparingly.
I actually let a visually impaired person (back in the days we'd simply call them blind people) smell the repellent. He thought it was still strong smelling, but acceptable. He'd back away from the Nordic Summer in an instant. And Wilma will stay with you, even after a hot bath or shower!
The only drawback I had, was that when the tin got warm, either by carrying it in your pocket or warmed by the sun (nor directly, but in the frontpocket of the backpack) the repellent ran into the screwthread of the tin, making it harder to open up.

So here are my experiences so far.
Hope they might be of help to you and there are NO commercial ties or interests for me in it.


  1. I have more or less resigned the fight against them. And it is the gnats that bother me the most. I usually get bitten around the lips, and in extreme areas my lips sometimes looks like meatballs.
    Except from a big fat Havana cigar, theres little or nothing that realy helps. But here in Norway we got something called "Myggolf" (
    It works to a certain point, and it is not oily and greasy, and it is not DEET-based (I'll try to send you some, if you can't get it in Sweden).
    When using "Djungelolja" I feel that everything tastes like Djungelolja after a few days, and before, when I used to smoke, even the sigarettes tasted like the stuff.

  2. I guess the problem with djungelolja is that it gets absorbed into your system.
    When googling for myggolf, one of the first hits was a pretty pleasant picture...

    I guess it's a good thing it is not the male mosquitos that do the stinging and sucking.... ;) and I do not think it is available here. Haven't seen it anywhere as far as I can recall.