Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It is time to leave the nest and fly......

It is a grey and rainy day, today.
Sitting here, behind the windows we are witnessing a very important event in the natural world; young birds are leaving their nests!
We can see them together with their parents; flying and foraging or at least trying to.... The youngsters are sitting on a perch or make clumsy attempts to fly, while their parents are sitting nearby, watching them or fly towards the youngsters and feed them some grubs. They keep close to the cover of trees and bushes and only venture out a few meters into the garden, which means they stay close to the house as well. An excellent opportunity to watch them!
There are at least 2 families of sädesärla and one family of talgoxe with 2 youngsters. I guess they chose a day like this, because the "bad" weather provides some form of cover against birds of prey and/or food is more easily available to them and their youngsters.
I also noticed that a particulair patch of the horsemeadow in front of our house is very populair with birds. It is an open area, right next to the treeline... and right in front of the large livingroomwindow. How convenient....
The flugsnapare are still very busy feeding their young. I miss the cheerfull territorial and femaleattracking song of the male though.

With this weather the cats are hesitant to leave the house, which is, given the circumstances, a good thing!

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  1. Must have been a fun show to watch- and the cat looks none the wiser!