Friday, June 7, 2013

Dyeing with natural dyes - the final experiment

At least for now.
The first experiment was dyeing my wife's anorak. I decided to shorten and simplify the proces by boiling the anorak together with water and vinegar and, when boiling, add the dye right away. In this case that was 4l. of the onionpeeldye and 1,5l. of 12% vinegar. What a surprise!! I could see the result immediately, turning the anorak a dark mustardyellow within minutes. After an hour of boiling and simmering, this was the result;

I was feeling in an experimental mood, so I figured why not dye some wool? See what happens? I have these Swedish wool armypants, which are a boring greyish-green. What if I'd added that one to the used dyebath? So I did.... I also added 0,5l. of vinegar and another liter of oniondye.
Surprise number 2! The coulor is hard to describe; a rich golden browngreen. The wool took on much of the oniondye, but also gave off some of the green dye it itself had!

As the third experiment I was going to dunk my previously dyed anorak into the used dyebath, which was an olivgreenish solution. To that I added all the other dyes; the peppermint, the dandelionroot, the juniperberries, the goldenrod and the last jar of onionpeeldye. I added another 0,5l. of vinegar and once again let that boil and simmer for an hour....
This is what happened next; the anorak turned a deep, rich olivegreen!! That was not what I had expected. I figured it might become something like an earth- or tan colour. I let it soak for a few hours more, deepening the colour even more. Then I rinsed the anorak, but since minute amounts of coloured water kept coming out, I figured I'd chuck it all into the washingmachine, wash it at cold woolprogramme without detergent. And so I did..... or thought I did. I somehow missed the small bag containing washingnuts still lying in the drum, so I actually washed all the dyed clothes WITH a detergent. Natural, but still.
Unfortunately that washed out a good deal of the rich colours obtained previously, but I also know that the colour that remains is likely to stay for a while. Well... you win some, loose some...

This picture doesn't do the colour much justice, since they are actually a bit more intense .
But not all that much.

Taking pictures with sunlight is horrible.
Remember the brown patch I showed earlier?

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  1. Definitely making good progress, Ron. What a change in those gray pants!