Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tickseason's here again!!

So be on the lookout for these little buggers!

here are some tips and tricks on how to handle them properly;
This one's I will be trying myself, soon.
homemaid, natural tick repellent
and another is Swedish

do's and don'ts on tickremoval

We have this tool by the Dutch firm Enetorpet and used it very frequently last season and I can say we are quit happy with it. Easy to use with one hand (while you hold your cat or kid with the other), always within reach (on your keychain or in the wallet), low cost and easy maintanence. There is no connection to the firm by the way.
smart and easy tickremovaltool

Some info on lifecycles and such;
Found these handy images on Germund's blog

See this post as a reminder!
Anything written here is just to show you some items or information, easily found on the interne.  When in doubt ALLWAYS contact a professional medic!

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