Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring cleanup!

The clean-up continues....
Still sugarfree and doing good! And when I do eat or drink something that contains (a lot of) sugar, my tastebuds get an unpleasant surprise. Stuff like applejuice, fruitjam, chocolate..... It tastes awefull!!
So the next step has been made too; snacks like potatochips or those peanuts with a coating are gone, too.
These changes made me realise that I had actually developped something like an addiction, similar to smoking! The habit is hard to break!
Another clean-up was a digital one. I have been spending (wasting is more like it) way to much time online, visiting the forums that brought me into contact with what is so populairly known  as bushcraft. Regrettingly those have mostly degraded into geartalk and -showoff.
Recently I have become involved in a series of discussions in some online outdoorcommunities that made me realise I should seriously limit my time there. These discussion tend to be about values and beliefs and whenever someone makes comments showing his/her interest in such things, there's bound to be some people telling them off or ridiculing them. Somehow I always get drawn into these discussions, only to find proof that Einstein was right; the stupidity of mankind is infinite....
Everytime I start to believe that there still is hope for man, some idiot(s) come along and prove(s) me wrong and I wonder why I even bother. People just do not want to see beyond their artificially created niche of the world. Keeping running after the next best goodlooking person with a smooth talk or song, keep buying that latest and greatest gadget, because they're so programmed to follow commercialism or just sticking their heads in the sand, putting their fingers in their ears, yelling "I can't hear you... I can't hear you...." if the truth (what ever that may be) becomes to ugly to contemplate.
After some thought the answers became clear; for one I use(d) these discussions to (re-)check my own points of view, to see if I am not becoming alienated or to learn new points of view. I also try to show people that many things may not be what they seem to be.
All I know is that I refuse to just give up, retreat into my little corner of the world and let those idiots take even more control and destroy even more than already has been destroyed. I will stand my ground and fight, but unfortunately you just can't beat stupid. Argueing with idiots is futile, because they'll drag you down to their level and beat you by experience..
Will I ever learn to stop being a Don Quichote?? Idealism is a killer.... or maybe it's just me being the idiot here.

Talking to others about this and further looking for answers I came across a German site, where someone else had asked questions about the intelligence of the masses. Someone else commented with a piece of text, which summs it up very well!
Written by someone called Soana:
"Ich denke, dass das Problem darin liegt, dass Feigheit ( Verantwortung und Konsequenzen für eigenes Denken, Verhalten ) in der Masse vorhanden ist. Dies wird von Mächten wie Glaubensoberhäuptern, Konzernen und vor allem Politikern schamlos benutzt. ( beginnt in den Schulen: Wissen soll in den Schulen gespeichert werden - selbstständiges Denken wird nicht mehr zugelassen). Daraus ergibt sich Dummheit. Und "Dumme" lassen sich spielerisch manipulieren. Es ist ja auch sehr bequem, wenn man für sich selbst, sein Denken und Handeln keine Verantwortung mehr übernehmen muss, da sie abgenommen wird. Traurig! und diejenigen, die es wagen zu denken und danach zu handeln, handeln sich nur Probleme ein - einige reihen sich dann in bestehende Machtkreise ein und werden dadurch zu "Tätern".Die meisten resignieren. Der klägliche Rest (idealistische sarkastische Menschen) versucht zu überleben und die Masse zu verändern, was schwierig ist, die Masse ist bereits zu ... degeneriert, manipuliert..."
Source der Einzelne schlau, die Menge dumm

The ever increasing annoyment about the vast majority of these online communities (well, actually all of them) only discussing their toys or showing their latest purchase or how they walked their dog, whilst bringing their tarps, ESEE-knives and karrimorbackpacks in order to brew coffee on a hobostove doesn't motivate either to keep revisiting those sites. The growing distance between what those places now propagate and what I believe in is increasingly difficult to bridge. Too bad, really, as they used to be of a different nature and I learned a lot on them. I guess they have become something like elementaryschoolclasses which I have outgrown.
I also noted that some of the earlier members, who happened to think along similar lines like me, have been actively participating less and less, too. I had hoped to create some lasting contacts within that community, but elas.... In order to counterbalance this commercial onslaught and decline of actual skills and values I started a forum of my own, specifically prohibiting the purchase- and showoffthreads. This forum is all but dead, since there is no activity..... Maybe people interested in those skills and values practice what they preach, instead of hammering away on a keyboard or these people are much more to themselves and like to keep it that way. Who's to say?

Well, cleaning up the doings that waste my time makes time available to use for usefull doings again. Time to get those creative flows going again. Time to use my brain for processing sensible information, such as learning (language, handcraft, plants, homesteading etc...)

Bottomline; if you want to read me, reach me or keep track of me, this is the place.

In doing so, you might learn about the increasing number of returning birds, like a handfull of bofinkar  (Fringilla coelebs). We spotted the on sunday april 7th in front of our kitchenwindow. There were about 7-8 of them, both male and female. Later that days and in the days to follow, their numbers increased and I lost count.
Later that night we saw one of the hares running across our garden, the road and the fields around us. His nose was as ig glued to the ground, his frontlegs seemingly way to short for his hindlegs. It was a funny sight, but I am always surprised to see how big these animals are! However big he is, he does not like horses
Not much later we saw him coming again.... only it was not him, but another one, much darker in colour! 2 males sniffing out females??
On tuesday april 9th, my attention was drawn to our garden in front of our house. a number of birds were creating quit a lot of noise! To my surprise I found a large number of greenfinches calling. I guess somewhee between 15 and 20 of them at least.

As I stood there I caught movement in the corner of my eyes. A copperred dash moved through my field of view; one of the resident squirrels. He moved at ease across the grass, towards the large birch in front of our house. He then moved onto the pine, came down, sat in the grass, nibbling at something and then moved on to the few stairsteps, hopped up into the elderberrytree, knibbled somemore and then moved off, hoping and jumping over the boulders strew around. I saw the sun shining onto and through his red furry coat, making it light up like a lantern. It had by no means that smooth, furry tail we associate with squirrels, but it looked more as if the hair was charged with static electricity, making the hairs stand out sidewards. I also noticed that he could freely through the pine, while the birds sat in there too and where in no way alarmed.
Later that night my wife and I heard a fox bark and much to our surprise these barks were answered quickly and nearby! Great to hear this animal. We know he, or they, were here by their footprints.
fox' sound


  1. Wat woon je toch heerlijk in de natuur.
    Nog bedankt voor je reactie op mijn blog.
    Jammer dat bushcraft een soort modeshow geworden is. Maar dat gebeurt met bijna alles :(

    Ik vind dit een geweldig filmpje. Een man met megafoon en een mening :) over de sheeple, consumeren, nadenken... Een engelsman, dus leuk :)

    1. Helaas wel... overal en altijd kopen, consumeren en meer hebben.

  2. We share the same thoughts in some subjects Ron.

  3. Commercialism is hard to escape in any community- unfortunately, people always want more.

  4. I slowly stopped visiting forums a while ago and almost never visit any anymore. One reason is lack of time. Another is the stuff you mentioned in this post. For me, visiting forums has pretty much been replaced by blogging and reading other people's blogs. Sorry I haven't posted more often at your forum, Ron! :(

    1. I read a few blogs myself, but even there I am starting to become picky. Appearantly I am a bit of a rare case in my way of seeing things, given the contents of some blogs. It's either that or I haven't found the right blogs.... Or those that think similar simply don't blog...

      As for my forum; well, if things continue to be as slow as they are, and I do not expect a sudden increase, it will be deleted next month. I want to give it a full year, first.