Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's officially spring!!

Yes, we have official confirmation that spring has finally arrived here.
Thursdayevening, while being out with the scout, a couple of cranes passed over, calling loudly to one another. And last night, and to this moment, we are having rain; the first rain since the beginning of november. Thaw, rain and a frozen underground.... I think I know why the Swedes developped the BV206.
Not really outdoor- or enviromentally friendly, but it I guess it would be fun, driving one of those. Not to mention the practical uses given the seasons and terrain. It'd sure beat any 4x4, just not by fuelconsumption or sparepartprices..

Apart from the cranes the number of returning birds increases daily. We have seen swans, geese and in our backyard the number of finches increases, with a little added surprise; a female bergfink (Fringilla montifringilla)

We had a great scoutevening too last thursday, being out, trying to identify trees which still are without leaves. It was good to be able to share some knowledge about those trees, too. I now know a bit more about the the trees and their usefullness and I have the capabilities now to tell about it. At least I thought the others understood what I was talking about. The kids here take trees for granted or even see them as a nuisance. If I try to tell them how lucky they are and tell them about the place I come from, they look at me as if I am talking about another planet. They just can not imagine what it is like to live in a highly urbanised area.....
We roamed between the trees, trying to identify them by looking at their specifics and when we had an identification I told a bit more about the other benefits that particular tree had, like making a painkilling or high vitamin C-containing tea. Even the other scoutleaders had no idea. The sky was clear, the air fresh, a couple of cranes past overhead and all welcomed their sounds as they heralded the aarival of spring. You could see the faces of everyone light up... As icing on the cake we found a large, dead birch full of large horseshoefunguses. Again I told them what you could use these for and I collected one, so we can use it as tinder, when we will be doing traditional firemaking during camp in june.
We concluded the evening sitting by a small campfire, singing and listening to a story, read from a book. This is how I think it should be...


  1. 10cm of heavy wet snow here this morning:-(
    But on the positve side; I made my first ember with my new steel striker on flint yesterday:-)

    1. The snow will turn into rain soon enough, Skaukraft!
      I still need a decent steel striker. Been fumbling around with a piece of an old file.... Great to hear you made progress on that!

    2. Well, it is raining now, and the snow is thawing fast. But the spring is late this year. But that gives me hope for a good summer.
      I bought a small sett of flint and striker on ebay (, and the charcloth caught the spark after only two strikes. I'm happy with that.
      Also I've got a Gränsfors Bruks Stor slöydbila arriving by mail any day now. Been saving for a few months to afford it. Can't wait to try it out!

  2. Fantastic, Ron! Great to hear you're opening the scouts' eyes to "hidden" gems of nature. I'm sure they admire you and will learn a lot of great things from you!

  3. Well.... I wouldn't call it admiring and I'm not quit sure I will continue to be a scoutleader next autumn. The cultural differences are quit large.