Thursday, April 25, 2013

Has the world gone crazy??

I normally try to stay away from politics, megacompanies and the likes, but now they really are overstepping the boundaries. Who? The multibilliondollar companies and their owned political puppets.

These past few days I keep stumbling across information that will seriously geopardise our (natural) world and the freedom of choice of it's inhabitants. Two fundamental items are at stake here; water and plants.
There are reports about the EU planning to outlaw the multiplication of plantseed or the use of non regulated (and most likely genetically manipulated) seeds in your garden, for your own use!

Companies like Nestlé and Monsanto are trying to patent plants, making them the only legit users of that plant! Excuse me??? Since when can some one or some company claim to own a species of plants??

And as icing on the cake states one of the topbrass of Nestlé that water should no longer be an everyman's right, but should be privately owned... What??? So they can claim it, sell it and cash in even more???
Have they gone completely nuts or ar these insane bastards finally showing their deranged and arrogant faces and can we see them for what they really are??

Here are some more international links.


Unless you are one of those "Conspiracy theory"-screamers or deliberately turning a blind eye-folks... In that case; sleep well, dream on and swallow this stuff like a good obedient minnion...


  1. Lol at the last sentence! Had a few of those people commenting on my blog today. Well, those sheeple just deserve it...

    But let's hope that we can turn the tide for everyone, even if they do not seem to care about these universal rights. Until it is to late.

  2. We're facing the same thing in the states. Monsanto has already done this to the farmers here. They're not allowed to keep seeds for replanting. They have to buy new seeds from the megacorporations each year, much of which is GMO. The world is changing, with greed and money leading the way.