Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The first day of spring!

Or is it the first springlike day?

Catkins are appearing and the leaves of the sambucusbushes are budding.... We saw one of the squirrels running around the house, too. The lakeice is looking kind of treacherous these days, with more water gathering on top of the ice a few hundred meters up ahead.

We had a freaky warm day today; at 14:00 +12 degrees centigrade on the north wall of our house and +24 degrees centrigrade (+16 in the shade) in the sun on the balcony facing south! There was not a breeze.... Man, that felt good!! Even though I love winter....

The kids and  spent the better part of the afternoon on the balcony and my son took the book with birdssounds out. We tried the sounds of the most frequent visitors and within a peep or 2 we got answers! After several more we saw the birds coming closer, calling, looking where the sounds came from. Then he tried the warningcalls and the birds were silent and gone!
After a while he started "calling" again and the birds reappeared. It was great fun and we learned quit a bit, too. Now we can identify the birds by the sounds we used and we now what these sounds are/mean.

It was so lovely, that the kids had lunch on the balcony. And for the better part we just sat there, talking, reading or drawing, meanwhile soaking up that wonderfull vitamin D a.k.a. sunshine and warmth..
All around us was the sound of birds calling and water dripping away. At the warmest part of the day it sounded as if a summershower just had passed!

After lunch my daughters and I went exploring our yard, trying to identify what trees we have. We took a book on trees and we started comparing the features of the trees to the ones shown in the book. Identifying a tree, when it has leaves, flowers or fruit is easy,so this was a good lesson for us, too. My oldest daughter was so clever to kick aside the snow, when we were in doubt. She'd pick up a leave from under the snow and used it as an extra way of identification!! Damn clever!

It was a good thing for another reason that the weather played along.... We had a powercut for a few hours and this way we were not bothered by that! I noticed, because my chickensoup had stopped bubbling... First time I (!) made fresh chickensoup... with real chickens.... and vegetables....and spices..... Not some pots or packages or cubes or whatever.... Real grandma-style!
That's another area I am learning about; cooking the old way. Allready learned how to bake bread by hand, using real ingredients and kneading by hand. Had I know it was this easy I would have learned much earlier!

A night the temperatures drop however and easily reach - double digits, making going about in the morning treacherous, since the meltwater refreezes and everything is cover in ice.
Over the lake blankets of mist start to form and you can feel the cold first moving towards the lower lake and than spreading oput over the land again. It makes for images right out of a fairytale, especially with the full moon we just had!

And as a bonus I get 2 packages in the mail this week;
One was the very long awaited pair of army shoes for skiing in the right size and the other was a very old, sheepskin armyhat, which will replace the modern one I have. The latter, although warm, is driving me nuts with itching!!
At least i will be prepared when winter comes the next time!!!

Yes, my birthdaypresent has arrived! Finally!! Only 6 weeks late.....
With a pair of felt insoles and some nice, thick woolsocks or maybe some footrags these should be good to go!

The sheepskinhat.... with leather flap and adjustmentstrap. 

Not much of a fashionstatement, but I hope it'll keep me warm and itchfree. It should fill that gap that I faced, when being stationary on really cold days. It does need some carefull washing, though.

Next winter I'l be looking like a fricking museumpiece!!!
I don't care, as long as I'm comfy and warm and let's be honest.... You don't find stuff made out of natural materials, that lasts this long AND is affordable.... If anyone does know where, please do let me know!

So the springbug has bitten us..... That means I know what is coming.... I already felt the change....


  1. It is a joy when the sun climbs higher on the sky and starts to warm again. It is like the body is recharged.
    Love the hat!

    1. Tack Skaukraft,
      my love for old things is going to haunt me one, I'm sure... ;)
      You are right, we actually stood in the sun, face up, soaking it in....recharging.

  2. Beautiful morning pictures. It is exciting to prepare for the next winter season, but disappointing that you will have to wait another year!

    1. Actually it will all be back around october-november, so that's just 7-8 months away.

  3. Beautiful photos! and I am sure that hat will keep you warm :)

  4. I'm writing this comment several weeks "late", and we're still behind you in terms of spring coming. Plenty of snow and ice here still. +24? Man, that's warm!

    Looks like you have some nice new (old) gear...for next winter! Nice stuff!

    Your homemade chicken soup sounds tasty. We'll have to commission you to make some bush soup for us when you come to Finland. ;)

  5. well, spring certainly has left us since then!
    It snowing hard now and temperatures haven't reach the +side of the scale for a while. That might change after next weekend, though.
    The chickensoup... well... It looked good and I'm sure it was nutricious, but next time I will add more herbs and definitely not forget the salt!