Sunday, February 10, 2013

My wintersnowsmock is done!

Yes, finally.... My anorak is done!
It was fully functional after I dyed it, but I added some personal touches and decorations, to.... well... just make it mine.
At the secondhandstore I talked about earlier I found some blue and yellowribbon, which I really like. At home it turned out to be less than I had hoped for, so I just did the collar and the upper arms. 

Skaukraft suggested I'd use juniperwood to make new buttons, so I gave that a try. And I am pleased with the result! The wood is kind of tough to work with as it is a hard kind of wood. But after a couple of hours of carving, sawing, sanding, finding out the buttons were to thick, so more sawing and sanding, drilling and oiling I had all the buttons needed. The resulting buttons are a bit crude, but I like it that way. Not to neat and polished.

 I also added the fur. That proved to be harder to do than I had anticipated, because I practically could not see what I was doing. The sewing was done by tough rather than by sight.

I cut small holes in the fur, through which the straps of the hood run. This way I can still draw the hood tight.
Offcourse I had to have the almost obligatory moose too. I scored a large box full of leatherscraps and from that I made my own moosepatch with three different coloyrs of leather. I used the rough side out. The green underground is a left over from the woolcoatliner.

The first trails; I did those while shoveling snow on a cold (-8) morning with quit a bit of wind. I only wore a t-shirt and a flanel shirt underneath, but still I got sweaty. The anorak really is windproof.

I don't do well on pictures.... In real life I'm less of a sourpuss.... ;)
 And the liner is finished, too. I added two more buttons so I can close up the v-shaped collar and I stitched up the old buttonholes...


  1. That came out excellent Ron! Glad the juniper buttons worked out ok.
    You are a source of inspiration!

    1. Well, you're one suggesting one of the ideas, so credit goes to you, too!

    2. Thanks mate.
      I've just placed an order for one to. Nor sure what to do with it yet, but there will be some kind of mods sooner or later.

  2. Definitely agree with the other commenters: GREAT projects. :) I can see you put a lot of work into them to make them your own. That leather moose patch is great! You should get a lot of good use out of them in the outdoors. :)

  3. Hallo there! Great work and I really like the wooden buttons :)) Greetings Susanne