Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The famous Swedish snowsmock... dyed naturally.

I had the great luck to find 2 used swedish snowsmocks (the ones without the frontbuttons) dirt cheap and in 2 different sizes; M&L. I had plans for both, as soon as I came across them. The M-size fits perfectly over the thinner and less bulky summerclothing, so it will be used as a sort of badweatheranorak and the other fits over the bulkier winterclothing and thus it will be used as it was intended; as a windbreaker.
I will be doing some dyeing of the white and grey tones in which the smocks came. The M-sized one is a creamy white with metal buttons and the L-sized one is a pale shade of grey with white plastic buttons. There are more differences. The M-size lacks the shoulderstraps the L-one has, but it does have a small loop on the left breast, which I think might be for hanging a military flashlight from.
I added a sheet of white paper, so the shades become clearer and I have a constant reference later, when the dyeing had been doen.

I will be using 2 different dyeing-methodes.
The M-sized one, a.k.a. summeranorak, will be dyed a medium (or darker) brown, using nothing but junipermaterials as dye and mordant and the L-sized one (the wintersmock) will only be dyed slightly, using salt and tea as mordant and dye, because I want it to stay lighter coloured, but not grey. I hope to achieve a light tancolour for that one.

Afterwards I am planning on making the summeranorak waterrepellant by waxing it and the wintersmock will received natural fur ruffs around the edges of the hood, wrists and waist. The plastic buttons will be replaced, preferably by some ones made of antler. I might even add some front pockets too. If I can find suitable materials I will be adding some decorations too, to further take away the military appearance.

So... there you have it; 2 very much sought after snowsmocks, but to be dyed naturally. If that isn't "bushcrafty"....
Watch out for part II; the actual dyeing!


  1. Nice one Ron.
    Loocking forward to see the followup. Dyeing fabric is a craft I know very little about.
    Dare I ask what you paid for these?


  2. Hej skaukraft,
    that whole dyeingbusiness is completely new to me too.
    I paid a mere 60sek for each, shipping not included.

  3. That sounds like a very good price.
    Think I can get them for approx 250NOK at the nearest surplus store.
    Maybe I chal give it a go.