Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One year of the trying Woodsman-blog!

Today I celebrate the first birthday of the trying Woodsman-blog; the journal of my journey through my outdoorlife.... and what a journey it has been!
Every so often I browse through my posts and reread them. Much has changed and much hasn't... yet I am so glad that I kept this journal and I am glad with all the attention it got, too. There are readers literally from all over the world and every once in a while I get responses from people, which are surprising and heartwarming. There's been the occassional discussion too for which I am equally thankfull, because it shows people care. Care enough to make themselves heard or seen in this case. It even provided me with some cyberbuddies, some of which I hope to see in person during this year!
The great thing about keeping a blog is that I can say whatever I want or feel, only being limited by deceny, not forumrules or similar. I can express myself and as far as I have understood there are plenty out there who can relate or like to read about it.

For the statisticlovers;
This blog has been visited for 19000 times! Many of the hits were caused by googlesearches for the kukrimachete, the beefy bedroll, the backpacks and the opinelknives, the most visits through other sites came from the American grouch, the woodtrekker and the weekend woodsman and the most readers were US, Swedish and British.

So to you all


  1. Happy "birthday"!
    It is a pleasure to read your blog. I really like the devotion and sincerity in you postings. I also admire the courage of you and your family have shown to move to sweden and started a new life.
    I hope to see and read more on here in the future.

  2. Way to go, buddy! I always enjoy reading your posts. Great stories, pictures and insight. Keep it up! :)