Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Customising a Swedish snowsmock pt.1 - the liner

By now you probably have read how I dyed my smock. if not, see here
I had several more plans for it; adding a ruff to the hood, replacing the plastic buttons with natural material ones (Skaukraft suggested juniperwood, so I cut off a good sized branch from a dead/dying juniper and dried that) and add some decorations, in order to reduce the military look and give a personal touch.

In the secondhandstore I regularly visit, I was looking for some fur to creat a ruff around the hoodedge. I found several pieces, but all were to short and some quit "expensive". I kept on looking through the shelves and racks of clothing, untill I came across a long, dark green ladies coat. You know, the kind grandma used to wear. Picture an elderly lady in a long, woolen coat and you'll know what I mean!
Yep, something like that..... but with some fur on the collar.

By the way this is not my grandma, neither is it the coat I bought. It's just an internetpicture, but one that exactly shows what I meant. Thanks for standing in, lady!
The fur is no fox or something longhaired, but a kind of mink (I guess), so I'll have to make due with it, untill I can get my hands on something else. I like the colour a lot though...
And that coat..... it gave me another idea..... I have been planning on making something like a blanketcoat, a capote, but somehow I did not want to cut up a perfectly good wool blanket. The coat looked and felt like wool.... I checked the inside for a label and found one. The label said;

Hmmm... it was might just be about my size around the shoulders and arms, bit too small actually, especially around the shoulders. But what if I'd take out all the lining, cut it up and resew it a little... It might just make a nice, wool liner for my smock... So it came home with me for a few kronor. Doing a bit of research gave me this; Wallbergs Fabriks AB, based in Halmstad, closed in 1968, so the coat predates that!
I got rid of all the lining, pockets, buttons and such, tore loose many of the seams and took away the collar, too. I shortened the coat, leaving the rear a bit longer than the front, lengthened the arms by undoing the seams, redid the front and sewed it together, added seamband all along the edges and what do you know..... a wool liner, which fits both me and the smock. And I even like the colour!! After it came out of the washing machine and had almost dried, there could be no doubt. The fabric did have that faint, yet very distinctive smell of wool!


I still need to sew up the remaining buttonwholes and add a button and loop to the top, so I can close it.


  1. Nice Ron. You look so different in that first pic :)

  2. NICE project, Ron! Great way to recycle and get a functional and attractive piece of gear!