Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reporting for duty from a new location!

Thank God out housemovingdays are practically over!
As far as we're concerned, this was the last time we packed our stuff and changed house. Personally, after about 15 times, I am fed up with the stress, chaos and hassle of such events and looking at our current place I know that only very serious reasons are going to get us out of here!
Anyway, as we are settling down, Mother Nature decided to give us a little preview of what we can expect over the next few months. we've had temperatures of -7 degrees, followed by about 8cm of snow (which has unfortunately started to melt already). But I'll treat you to some frosty morning-pictures first.
the view from our livingroomwindow/balcony

Here I am also treated with another small bonus in the form of a large birdpopulation. For instance I saw a large woodpecker in the large birch right in front of the kitchenwindow, some 3 meters away. I was also able to identify a male domherre (pyrrhula pyrrhula), a nötväcka (Sitta euroaea), blåmes (parus caeruleus), a talltitta (Parus montanus,) and a talgoxe (Parus major). All these were in the direct vicinity of the house and are very common birds, but I thought not bad for a "day's work".
So yesterday I rushed to get some feedingfacilities, which the previous owner left us, for our feathered friends ready. I put them all on our balcony, thus creating a catfree place. This way the birds can get used to those befor winter will hit us for real. It gives me the great opportunity to study them up close, with a distance of barely 1 meter from window to feeders. Our cats are more than fascinated!

While we moved in, I discovered some more nice surprises the previous owner left us. Besides a large outdoorkettle, 2 pairs of wooden ski's and 2 sparks, he also left me a knife with leather sheath and a sharpeningstone.
a spark
Here's a shot of those. No idea about make or something, but the knife handles nicely after some sharpening.

And what could be better after a day's work of unpacking than drinking some hot tea or coffee, reading a book on the couch and hearing the crackling wood in the fireplace....

And in the meantime my son, my oldest daughter and I have been officially accepted into the scoutgroup we attend. We all got our shirts and marks and the kids have taken their scouts vow, too.
That was the morning after we moved our belongings, so we were a bit knackered...


  1. Good for you and yours Ron. Hope you get settled in comfortably soon!

  2. Great to hear from you, Ron. Very glad to hear you are settling in nicely. Like you, I have moved too many times. Unfortunately, I know that our current home will only be for a few years, so no comfortable settling in for us! :(

    Those surprises left behind by the previous owner area GREAT! Real old-timey stuff. Hope you get a lot of good use out of them.

    Hope everything continues to go well for you!

  3. Looks like a nice place Ron.
    Hope you get setteled there, and things work out.


    1. Hej Skaukraft,
      Great to see you here too.