Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New stompin' grounds.....

I've been a busy boy lately..... bought a house and all.....

So we'll be moving house shortely, heading up north a little more, but only a little.... I'll say "goodbye" to the fields of grain and the river and move to an area, which is much more wooded, to a small community in the northern part of this municipality. It is the area where the charcoalkiln is situated, too. Our house is situated in between 2 lakes, both at 200-300 meters distance, so fishing will be very high on my to-do-and-to-learn-list.

And if I weren't quit busy with that, next to working, I am being kept busy with the scouts, too. There is a major event coming up next weekend to which an estimated 150-250 scouts will attend and our group has the honour of organising it. Quit a handfull, but luckily I am being kept out of the wind a bit, since I'm the new guy around. That does not apply for the weekly meetings in which I have had a major role. The first evening we went up the hill to the windshelter my oldest daughter had her first scoutovernighter, to do some maintenance. I really had to get used to being out there with a group of kids, since it was far from quite..... On the next meeting we've also been building waterfilters with charcoal and such and here's where my experiences did come in handy. The underlaying thought was to make the kids aware that not everyone is as fortunate as we are, simply because we have drinkingwater, whenever we turn on the tap. It was great to see the kids being very busy and enthusiastic. They were sceptic at first, when I mixed the drinkingwater with concentrated vinegar, a bright red foodcolouring fluid and a good handfull of dirt. Their faces spoke volumes when at the bottom there was clear drinlingwater without odours are taste..... and I tasted them all. Got to set an example, right?
Too bad that taking pictures of them (and especially showing them!) is a bit of a sensitive issue...... So I'll show you one I took on the first evening, but without kids...


  1. Congratulations Ron, hope it turns out to be a great thing for you. A man needs trees!

  2. Awesome, Ron! Happy to hear you're putting down deeper roots in Sweden! Hope everything goes well for you with the new house.

    Hope the big scouting event goes well. Sounds like it has been working out well so far. :)

  3. Those woods look inviting!!! My very best wishes to you and your family! Don´t let the move stress you out!

  4. I wish good luck in the new house & area; may the elks be good neighbours. I hope you´ll enjoy this all, and of course your scoutleader? job will be a great new lifepart...
    hope to read you in bcp, anytime again..