Monday, July 23, 2012

Are the seasons going nuts or am I???

The reason I ask myself this question is because I see many signs that are not part of summer, but of autumn!
The weather has been appaling, all over Europe. Here in Dalarna we have had huge amounts of rain, sometimes coming down in torrents. We had a lot of wind, too. Sunshine has been limited and the temperatures often did not exceed the 18 C-mark. We even had single digit nighttime temperatures. I heard locals say that they had cool summers befor, but this combination is somewhat new to them, too. There are very few insects to be found, however. A few bees, not much mosquitos or wasps and even flies are limited.
I also noticed that some berries, like blueberry, are ripe already and others will be within days (if there's sunshine). There's plenty of mushrooms of all sorts all around and these last few days I also noticed that birds are gathering in large numbers to form flocks. I saw flights of cranes, swallows, finches and crows. Large ones, with numbers ranging from about 15 with the cranes to dozens for the other species. (And where's your camera when you need it???)
With the swallows (last night) I noticed their calls had changed. Instead of their shreeking calls they used shorter and softer calls. Today I haven't seen a single one, while there's been a trio of them whizzing around our houses dayly, befor joining their mates higher up...


A final clue is the colouration of birchleaves. There are quite a few that have turned yellow or are about to.
All this makes me wonder..... has autumn come in juli this year??
Or is it "just" that everything has been waaayyyyy to wet??

Addition july 24;
In the previous weeks I noticed something that I just could not name....untill one of my visitors pointed it out to me last week. It is silent! The birds are missing.
I did notice the absence of the woodpecker- and owlsounds, but it was much more than just those. Birdpresence is very low at the moment.
Another thing I noticed and forgot to mention is the absence of rowanberries. Maybe it is just to early for them to start changing colour, but I checked the trees around here and none are bearing fruit! All we need now is a severe winter and the birdpopulation will be decimated, I'm afraid.

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  1. It has been very rainy and cool here, too. But since I'm new to southern Finland, I thought maybe that it was because of the slightly different climate. Interesting to read that it's all over Europe as well.

    One difference here is that there are PLENTY of mosquitoes. :(

    Our blueberries are ripe here, at least a good portion of them. We also have small mushrooms, but not "autumn quantities" yet.

    I haven't noticed any birch leaves changing colors, but I did see one fireweed with autumn colors, which I thought was very strange.