Sunday, June 3, 2012

More birds.....

While at work I spotted a bjöktrast (turdus Pilarus) in friday.
Allthough a very common bird, I was amazed by it's beauty... It has a very noticably coloured plumage. What also was very noticeable was its way of moving on the ground; it did not hop or anything like that, but it walked through the grass in an almost humanlike manor.

Earlier last week my youngest daughter and I watched as a lonely crow was harrying a couple of large birds of pray! The couple leisurely drifted and  circled away, while the crow kept following and attacking them. They didn't even bother to defend themselves! It was amazing to watch it!

It looked a little like this
We also have a nest of blåmes(Parus caeruleus) under the roof of our porch. The funny thing is that the male has his plumage standing up on top of his head. We nicknamed him "Kuifje" (Tintin).
I do not want to disturb the nestingsite too much, so I had to find an internetpicture...
The nest is still quiet, so I guess nothing has hatched yet.

He lookes like this, but his "hair" is more blue.

So much for my outdooractivities last week......

Addition june 4th;
I forgot to mention that one of the many woodpeckers here, the större hackspett (Dendrocopos major) was hammering away at the nestingbox of the svarthätta, mentioned earlier in the blog. I shoo'd it away and hope it hasn't caused much problems. The box' inhabitants sat near by and watched this big bully being busy, but hopped into the box, right after the woodpecker had been chased off. I will have to check later this week, just to know for sure.

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