Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saved a couple of birds this week

Last week I got the chance to take a look at some of those little feathered friends up close.
Since we had a spell of very good weather last week, I had several windows open in our livingroom. As I sat working at the laptop I suddenly heard a load bang on the still closed window right next to me!
A bird had flew in through the open window on the other side of the room and went straight for the still closed one.
Luckily the little guy was not hurt, I checked, but he was quit dizzy from the impact and tumbled onto a plantpot standing right underneath him. There he just just wondering what the hell just happened. I openend the window and put him with the pot outside on the windowsil, so he could recover in peace and be on his way again.
Here she is; Bofink female (Fringilla coelebs)

Today our black cat brought in yet another bird; his third victim this week. He drops them in the hallway, comes to get us, shows us his catch and leaves. A cats way to say "thanks". This one however I could save! It was unharmed for as far as I could see and would still fight me and tried to bite me, when I tried picking him up, after the rescuemission. Plus the fact that I found ticks on a deceased bird of the sdame species this week, I decided to put on gloves.
Here's today catch; a beautiful bird called "domherre" (Pyrrhula pyrrhula) here;

One very handsome and very cocky male!!

We have new neighbours this year. Mom and dad and flying in and out, so I guess the eggs have hatched. I did not want to go any closer, in order to not disturb the nest.

And we even have new neighbours checking in!! This bird has a very significant dark hood, clearly visible, when I zoomed in. Is thould be a Svarthätta (Sylvia atricapilla). The rest of the colours in the plumage matched, too.


  1. Well, it seems your bird watching hobby is extremely easy lately. The birds come to you! ;)


  2. So it seems, allthough the way in which they come to me, is not the way I would prefer....
    But those were great opportunities, I admit. Especially the domherre. What a fine bird to look at!