Sunday, May 27, 2012

Proud moments.....

My oldest daughter went out on her first time on a overnight hike with het scoutinggroup "Arkhyttan Baptistscouts".
She left yesterday afternoon, hauling a very full backpack. But first I kind of ceremoniously hung her brandnew scoutscarf around her neck and slid in the scrafslide/tie I made for her. It's a piece of reddeerbone, on of those we founf, when we were out last autumn. I found a section that should fit, sawed it off, cleaned and sanded it and insribed het initials, using a scrimshaw-technique. Meaning carving the bone and filling the carve with ink.

Showing off her first badges, which her mom had sewed on...

The tieslide. It has a point/tip on the front top, making slideing it off very easy.
This picture is taken after the hike, hence the scarf being a bit gritty....
This afternoon we went to her camp in order to pick her up. Offcourse no outdooractivity her in Sweden seems to go without grilling at least some saucages, so that is what we did, too.

The handout of this episode's badge
The reason for putting this in my outdoorblog? Well, first of all she was out in the forrest for 24 hours. That is longer than I have been for a very long time.... She did see a fox wonder by last night, as she and some of her fellowscouts slept in here, with the previously shown fireplace right in front of it;
one of her "room"mates...
Secondly she did hike in, on her own, carrying that filled backpack and it was a hefty way in, I can assure you! She had had so much fun and radiated that so much, that even our son wants to go, starting with the next season.
But when we did go to pick her up, I noticed she had changed.... She had grown. Little girls grow tall and make dads proud!!


  1. what a milestone :)

    you must be proud, the not so little but still little girl following in her fathers footsteps.

  2. I can imagine how proud you are. :)

    Great job by her!


  3. Thanks people!

    You bet I'm proud! Not proud in a boasting kind of way, but proud as in a "look-at-how-tall-she-is-getting"kind of way.

  4. Outstanding and good on both of you. Truly important moments in life are these.