Friday, February 3, 2012


For me, and the rest of the family too, this is a mayor part of being outdoors.
Apart from the standard barbeque we love to grill food over open fire, make stews, onepot recipes or use other means to prepare food. You'll notice that cooking is focussed on a group.... 5 to be exact, but I can easily make more. I love being the campcook every once in a while....

One of our earliest outdoorcookingutensils was our Hungarian army gulash kettle, which we bought in october 2010. It is made of steel, so rust can be a problem.
Offcourse we had to try it right away and the weather played along nicely. We do like beans and bacon and spices.... so the recipe can be guessed.....
In order to cook in style I cut a large cookingspoon out of a wooden plank. It turned out to be more of a canoepaddle than a spoon, but it's the thought that counts, right? It was a hard and bonedry piece of wood, but in the end the armyissue SAK did it's job...

Bacon, minded meat, brown beans, red beans, corn, fresh mushrooms, onions and peppers, jalapenos, chilisauce, paprikapowder..

This was as close as I could get to an open fire in our small backyard.

It tasted real good!!!

At night it did get kind off nippy...
I started to tinker again, too. With the kettle I also purchased a small steel tripod and I figured this and the kettle needed some sort of means to transport them.
So I brought out the sewingmachine and made some "clothes" for both of them.


Inside the bag there's room for a cuttingboard and cookingutensils

This way I could attach it to my Berghaus

Ready to go and cook for a squad!!

The initial setup

I added an aluminum lid, made from an IKEA fruitplate and a kitchencupboardgrip. No more ashes in my food!
This lid rides upside down in the pan, when being transported.

Another cookingset we use is a cast iron cookingset, including a Dutch oven. This set is from Barbecook and after the initial seazoning it performs great! Each item comes in a separate bag and properly stored there's plenty of room int he box for additional cookinggear, like spoons, forks and mittens. You'll need the latter for handling these iron pieces!!
The box itself is of inferior quality, but with a handfull additional screws holds up quite well. The total weight is.... substantial, so no backpacking with this set...

that large piece of meat is called flintasteak... and it's pork

you could say I did enjoy myself... and it tasted very good, too!

my gang... yes, it got quite cold after sunset...
Another essential piece of equipment to our outdoorcooking is our coffeepot. We make coffee campstyle. First you boil the water.....

Than take the pot off the fire and add the coffee; 1 scoop per cup. Stir, put back on the fire to simmer for a few minutes. Do not boil!! Than add a splash of cold water and serve.....


  1. Awesome cooking equipment! There's not a lot you couldn't do with that. Food looks very tasty, too. :)


  2. Hi Matt

    Well, you've got to eat when you're out there, especially with a small group.
    I haven't gotten to really trying the DO with backing for instance, but that will change shortly....