Monday, February 13, 2012

OUT - yesterday's family winterwalk

Well, I've finally caught up with my outings and posts untill now. So the frequency of posts will go down....
So we went out on a winterwalk, yesterday.
Nothing spectacular, but appearantly the bushbug has bitten my wife too, now... And even my son enjoyed himself (he's usually more into Lego, Star Wars, Xbox, those sort of things...)  I did not here him mutter even once, today!

So, off to the forrest we went. We left at about 10:15 and it was -6. It was a beautiful sunny day and it would become warm, too with maximum temperatures of about freezing with even some thaw in the sun in the afternoon!
By the lake however the wind did make it feel a little chilly sometimes.
We went in quite early, but also had to leave a little earlier than expected, because the unexpectedly thawing snow made the clothing of our youngster wet and she got cold..... And than the fun is over quite quickly!

First a couple of morningwalkpics....

Yeah... they were really going! Each of us carried a small pack in with them. I wore my gasmaskbag, Sven an old Dutch webbing daypack, the socalled "pukkel" meaning pimple... Annalena her own outdoorbackpack, my wife a modern Dutch daypack in OG and Elsa the converted French gasmaskbag.

First time on the ice. Even she had that weird feeling I described in my last thread, when walking on it....

My gang;

And SWMBO watching over us....

SWMBO had some fun....
And our youngster??

Well, she just wrote her name..

We chose an existing place to prepare our food and hot drinks;
The people who used it befor us left a stack of chopped and drie wood under one of the benches, so I used that. I returned the favor by taking down a small birch, chopped that up and left it for the people who come in after us. In doing so, I showed my kids what trees or wood to take, if necessary. Pick a group or cluster of trees and take the middle one. This way the rest gets more room to grow and will fill the gap you created more quickly.
I wore my new Finnish gasmaskbag all the time, just to see how I would like it.... and never felt the need to take it off. It sits very comfortable on your hip and I just hung my knife on the waistebelt...
I used my firesteel to light the fire. The used birchbark wouldn't catch a spark, but some of the old and frozen charcoal chunks did! It only took a strike or two and I could blow those into a flame, by using the birchbark as tinder. I was quite surprised this happened!

Another very first for us: pinbröd or bread on a stick. My wife prepared the dough at home, a basic mix of flour, backing sode, milk, salt, raisins and chopped nuts. And it was good!!!!

First some warm bread.....

and than a good sip of hot coco!

An "idyllic" picture.... There's coffee and sugar in those old footpowdertins... and I do prefer wooden kuksa's over these plastic ones. The coffee cooled down really fast in these.

Me... hungry!!

And a nice cup of coffee, thank you very much....

After we all had eaten I saved my last sip of coffee and while saying thanks I poured that on the ground, between the trees to say thanks that to "the little people". A small ritual I always perform to show my gratitude to and respect for the forrest and it's inhabitants.

There were angels here.... I swear!

what can I say....

She just loves to climb rocks! She always finds one, where ever she goes....

We cleaned up the site and left it cleaner than we found it. Unfortunately I carried out more waste than we brought in..... I also tought my gang the principle of "Clean up, pack up and check up". I tought myself that one a while ago and I found it very handy for not forgetting anything like putting out the fire, collecting all your stuff and leaving a site in pristine order.


  1. It's a great thing to see a happy family enjoying the woods together. :) I can't wait until my boy is a little older so we can do the same kinds of things.


  2. It sure was Qualitytime with a capital "Q"...