Monday, February 6, 2012

OUT - springwalk and moccassins try out...

April 11th, 2011

I had a chance to try these "in the wild" and what an experience that was!

The first thing I noticed was my heavy way of walking. I thrusted my heels into the pavement, just as I did when I was wearing shoes.
Very soon I had to change my way of walking, using the outsides of my feet more and rolling them more as I went. It felt quite strange at first and was quite painfull for some muscles too, but I got the hang of it soon.
By then I had left the manmade surfaces and entered the woods..... or what is left of it...

Amazing how I experienced the forrest, how I feel the soil and how silent I could go!!!
I could feel the warmth of the bare earth in the sun, I felt the humus under the fallen leaves and I barely snapped a twig, when I left the paths.
With these I could stake deer a lot easier..... assuming I would have mastered the other skills involved in that...  I was able to walk up to a couple untill I could overhear their conversation, which was quit private. I left as silent as I came in and they never knew I was there, although I made no extra effort to be stealthy or unseen!
Even moist soil near stream and groundwater was no problem

My wintershelterspot has been ravaged...

so much to see...
Allthough it is in the middle of the city, this piece of forrest has its beauty, too!

The water is coming up from the ground and is crystalclear..... yet I am hesitant to drink it.... unless properly filtered.
I did get strange looks when I met people on the paths. At first the might have thought I might be some kind of parkranger or something, untill they saw my "shoes"....

I spent some hours here, looking at a pair of buzzards, calling each other, flying through the still open canopy. I think they were looking for or have found a nestingspot up there, because they kept circling and kept coming back.
Enjoying the "silence", I cut myself a walkingstick... "Silence", because the small piece of forrest was crawling with people, walking their barking dogs and yelling kids.
The funpart was, no one noticed me sitting there, just a few meters away from them.

trees coming into foilage

and sweet scenting blooms everywhere!

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