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OUT - BC in the city!

December 17, 2010

Yes, even Holland can have winters! It used to have them more often, but as I grow older it seems to me that winters here are more often grey and wet, instead of white and cold like they used to be, when I was a boy...
At least we have some this year! It's friday morning, it has been freezing and snowing, kids at school celebrating christmastime and mom's helping out there..... So this dad has a few hours to himself!
Time to take the recently arrived Dutch army daypack, not in camo, but in OG, and try it.
There is a small patch of forrest nearby. Actually it is more a gathering of trees and shrubs instead of forrest. The main problem is that there is no patch of trees there which is further away from a trail or path than 25 meters and many cityfolks take walks there. But with a bit of luck, many of them are ate work, too and this little citypark will be as good as empty.
At least I enjoyed it. I got out a few hours in the snow filled mind and body with fresh, freezing air. I even found a small spot that I might be able to use more often.... and all practically "in my backyard"..

here's a visual impression of my walk;

This Dutch airforce, not army, backpack is a great little pack, actually. Because it is airforce it is in OG, not woodlandcamo. Don't ask me why....
What I really like about these packs is that there are belts attached to it along the bottom and the top. Almost like webbingbelts, to which you can add extra pouches. You can use the older version of webbing, the ones with the hooks, you can use aliceclips and even former Warsawpact surplus, which have hooks too, made to fit NATO-gear.
The backs of the sidepockets are stitched free from the main compartment, so an axe can be slid in there! As you can see I added a former East german handgrenadepouch to the belt of the closingflap, 2 canteens in US-covers with aliceclips to the bottom and my firstaidkit to the top of the pack.

rain washed away the soil here. Room enough for a man and his pack
 It was about lunchtime, when I found this, appearantly recent;y, cut tree. I took my poncho and made a shelter between its branches. The spot is right in the middle of the picture.
I chose to make my "camp" here, right between the branches. I am standing on a path here.
Toppriority; coffee!!

What I pack for lunch on a cold or wet day. A lot of calories

Litterally around the corner I found a better spot!
The best thing was that there were people passing by regularly, at about 15 meters, and none of them ever had a clue I was there! I could overhear their conversations and even 1 or 2 dogs were oblivious to my presence....

The few things I (re)learned today;
Always stow away your gear, when not needed or in use. I almost lost one of the canteens today, because I did not put it back in its cover properly.
Keep your gloves dry! Fingers get quite cold quit fast otherwise.
The backpack performs well and is comfortable, but I need to find a way to pack it better.
Food stored in ziplocks does not work for me. I should start considering using small boxes of some sort.
Blending in pays off! Being quiet and invisible creates opportunities. Not just to avoid people, but to see wildlife too. I had a large woodpecker come as close as 10 meters.

Some more winterpics as bonus;
loads of mistletoe

gateway to a winterparadise??

frozen pond

black and white...

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  1. Just goes to show you that, if you are clever and careful, you can do bushcraft just about anywhere. :)

    Nice pics!