Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OUT - My first outing since the move....

August 2011

I finally did it! I was able to go out for the first time in a long, long time.
The purpose of this walk was to try and see how my "new" backpack would do and offcourse to get my (not so) skinny carcass out of the house and into the greens.
This also means (re)learning a lot of skills, but on the bright side, my overall fysical state is not as bad as I had feared. Doing 2 5km-milehikes in an hour each, with 15kg on my back without getting exhausted leaves room for hope!

The backpack;
Weight was ok and the way of packing it was, too. I noticed I need to pack my blanketroll tighter the next time, as it slid loose a bit, while walking. I need to get/make some bags to carry my food. I also need to find a way to stow away the hatchet properly. The additional foammat in the back works brilliantly!
The webbingbelt; I wasn't too happy with it. The backpack pushed down on the canteens, pushing the belt down, which made walking a bit unpleasant. It also meant that my Mora, being on my pantsbelt, was almost inaccessible.
My binos will be taken off and I will hang them around my neck (somehow). This means no room for the Mora there. I will make an extra loop, so my Mora will end up on my webbingbelt.

Important lesson learned; start cold, walk warm!
I wore to much when I started, leaving me soaked by the time I stopped and I hadn't brought anything to change the wet stuff. It wasn't that much of a problem in the current weatherconditions, but in colder conditions it will be.

Enough talk!

Some mushrooms;

There's a wide variety in mushrooms around here. I could have added a dozen or so more...including one that was bigger than my moraknife!

This one is out of service....

The kitchen


Doing dishes;
Heat some water, pound one end of a green twig to loosen the fibres and start brushing!

Enjoying the scenery. It was so peaceful and quiet.... Well... apart from the calling of some large birds.
How I longed for this!

On my way back;

Water never is far away here;

And sometimes one's eye gets caught by something off the beaten track....

And you find a bonus!
There were some ribs, 2 upper legbones, 2 pieces of pelvis (I think) and a piece of spine. I guess the remains of a deer.

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