Wednesday, February 1, 2012

GEAR - modulair carryingsystem

August 2010

For my upcoming trip to Sweden in september, I had to decide what to bring and what not. Luggagerestrictions dictated the need for a light and versatile setup. I had my Bergaus Vulcan, but that was too big and heavy. Buying a small backpack seemed obvious... too obvious....  So I started tinkering with the things I had at hand.
My first idea was to use the Berghaus' daypack, but these were too small. I also had my "buttpack", so a combination seemed logical. But carrying the pack apart from the daypacks was not comfortable. Hmmm, how about attaching them to one another??

Army poncho and ex-Bundeswehr goretex parka strapped to the back;

Well, that feels quite comfortable, but the buttpack kept bumping into my.... butt.... while walking, which I found very annoying. I still had my old army webbingbelt, so what would it be like, when I added that one as well? That would give me a waistebelt, which was easily detached and could hold some of the pouches from my buttpack, making more room in that one for other stuff... I could even hang my old armycanteens from said belt, keeping it all neatly together. And I had the advantage of carrying 1,5L of water + a metal mug for heating water for coffee.... A vital asset!

Ok, so it does look quite military.... I don't really care...


  1. Eh, it looks a bit military, but if you're wearing non-military clothes and such, it wouldn't be over the top. :)


  2. Hi Matt,
    there's practically nothing left of this setup.
    I sold and/or replaced it all. The canteens themselves and one of te mugs I still have.... and the webbingbelt.