Wednesday, February 1, 2012

GEAR - basic pack & foodkit

August 2010

These are my standard bag with essentials and my pouch with cookinggear. I call them go-bag and mobile kitchen....
The bag is an English nylon(?) haversack/gasmaskbag in DPM.
The good thing about this is that, apart from a carryingstrap, it also has fasteningoptions to attach to a belt, webbing or leather. The inside has several compartments, which I like a lot. I like to keep this organised.
The reasons why I bought it; it's sturdy, cheap surplus and has a handy size.

In it are several "essentials";
A Dutch army DPM pouch with aliceclips containing an army lenseatic compass
A second pouch with binoculairs 10x25
A ziplockbag with 30 meters paracord
A pair of german Army light gloves with leather hand insides
A Dutch army pocketknife with pouch
An extended firstaidkit
A BCB survivaltin, with which it all started.... ;)
A ziplock with wiresaw
A Dutch army flashlight, which dates back to my days in the service
A metal cigarettebox, my firetin, containing tampons, a tealight, a lighter and an esbitcube
A small SAS survivalbook as reference and learningbooklet
3 9-hrs UCO candles
One emergencyblanket

Estimated total cost of this bag and contents, about €30

Than there's my fieldkitchenbag;
A milsurp doublepouch in OG, made out of nylon. Reasons for purchase; dirt cheap, durable and has a large beltloop, so you can carry it on a wide belt, webbing or leather.

It contains;
A set of Dutch army messtins with several sachets of coffee, suger, creamer, tea and soup
A homemade billycap containing a pouch with esbitburner and cube. Both pouch and burner are milsurp. I also included a plastic spork and folding cup (not on picture).

Total costs of this setup €7,50. I allready had the messtins. Combined with a webbingbelt and 2 canteens, this would do quite good, I think.

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  1. Very nice base pack loadout, Ron. I like mil. surp. stuff a lot, too, because it's cheap and rugged. :)